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Motorcycle Service Centre in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by jate, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a good motorcycle Service centre (ie. which do a good job and aren't a massive rip off) either in Melbourne CBD where I can drop it off before work, or around the eastern suburbs for my CBR250RR.

    Any ideas?
  2. Try the Guys from Dandenong Motorcycles...
    Honest and wont charge an arm and leg
    Ph 9794-6543.
    Ask for Lynda or Toni .. tell em Vinnie from NetRider Sent ya
  3. Generally I take my bike to ace motocycles they're up in heidelberg. It used to be quite close to where I was living until I moved and now im looking for another shop near Mentone or south east subs..
  4. Hey thanks for responding guys, really appreciate it.

    However Brighton, Dandenong, Heidleberg are all pretty far from where I am. I need something around the Glen Waverley/Nunawading area if possible???

    Spoke to Peter Steven in the city. They are charging $250 and there is a 3 week wait to get my bike in. Sounds a little steep to me, but since this is my first time servicing i have nothing to compare it against.
  5. Around about $250 sounds normal. I put mind in and they charged me $260 (that includes some temporary repair work). I got that price from being a regular there.... If I was just a walk in they're charge me abit more. Like my first time there. they charged me very close to $300 for service.

    I have been looking around as well. Recently at OCD racing in Oakleigh and they said they'll charge $275 but there's a 3week wait as well. I got my bike serviced in a day from where I go to. They usally dont have a big line.
  6. I did my first service with PS in the CBD. They took AGES to get my bike done and it was just a basic service. I was (and still am) a nOOb at that point and just decided to go with the biggest prettiest look shop i could find.
    All up, my bike was in there for about 2 - 2 1/2 weeks.
    Was told that there is another place on Elizabeth Street in the city called Bike Barn (I think). Was told they do basic servicing and are pretty good there. Have yet to try tho.....
  7. He on the same side as Armstrong?
  8. I have just had Shambles GSXR 600's 1000k first service done by Pete the Pom. He works from home after hours and is a qualified Honda and Suzuki mechanic...unlike alot of places I have had experience with he actually knows his shit and is a perfectionist...which I appreciate as I used to work on cars for a living and am a picky bastard myself.

    I can't recommend him highly enough..after going through PS Ringwoods workshop and meeting their "service manager" when we picked up the new bike...I didn't want to leave the bike there because...

    a) We need to book 2 - 3 weeks in advance...and leave the bike for a day????...for a 1000k service...???and then only during the week
    b) The place was a mess...bikes in various stages of repair...parts of the dissassembled bikes in piles not neatly put aside
    c) The BRAND NEW bike we picked up hadn't had the pre sale inspection completed...or at least the service book wasn't stamped...just what is "dealer delivery" for
    d) Unlike the neat and tidy store the place was a mess
    e) Why pay $90 per hour for a 1st year apprentice to do a service...If I'm paying XXX per hour for labour I want the organ grinder not the monkey!

    I can ring Pete, he sorts the parts we need, performs the service to manufacturer specs, stamps the service book, does a great job and has VERY reasonable rates...What more could you want of a mechanic?

    If you want is number PM me and I'll be happy to pass it along :)
  9. I wouldn't go to Peter Stevens if they were the last shop on earth ( I would do it myself). They charge $90 an hour and must get the apprentice to do the work! I had a bike serviced there, cost me a fortune. When i got it back it wouldn't even start (worked fine b4 i gave it to them).

    Try Mick Hone on Whitehorse Rd. They seem friendly and I haven't heard a bad word about them.


    PS Cosways in the city aren't bad either
  10. And they didn't look to see _why_ it was running low?

    Unbelievable, if the radiator cap and all other systems are functioning properly, the radiator level should remain static (due to the wxpansion tank)
  11. What area is Pete the Pom in?
  12. I've been taking my SRX250 to Motorcycle City in Elizabeth Street (John there was the only person I could find who would service the thing) I've been happy with the service, it's cheap at about $160 for a service and the bike always comes out running like new.

    I have to say though, on two occasions I've found a (non-critical) screw missing but if that's the most negligent thing they do then I'm happy.
  13. Tell me about it. I assumed that that would have been par for the course and the cause of the problem fixed along with fluid top ups etc.

    North Fitzroy.

    Well, having followed Keith's recommendation, I can say that I'm glad that I did! "Pete the Pom" is quick, professional, very well priced and dead straight with you. If anyone wants his details, I'm happy to recommend him:

    www . melbournemotorcyclerepairs . com . au / 0434 920 745

    I originally went to Balls (High Performance Tuning in Sunshine) with a reasonable amount of work needing doing. I've since found out, from closer inspoection that, on the whole, they did a good job - but there were a couple of main things that have left me disappointed and not likely to go back:

    1) I had worn head bearings - they weren't replaced, just severely tightened, to the point where the handlebars didn't swing loosely from side-to-side. Any movement and then letting go and they literally stayed where they were.

    I even queried a strange feeling in the handling of slow and fast corners and was told (by Balls) that everything was OK. For it to have left their workshop like that is shocking!

    2) I guess as part of the tune up / service they did, they decided I needed a new cam chain tensioner. Not only did I not get a Honda original, but I wasn't asked if I was OK to have a manual cam chain tensioner fitted - I wasn't given the choice, it was just done.

    It strikes me that they're good at tuning up bikes and making them more racey, but not so interested in the more mundane stuff. Maybe it's just my one-off experience, but I'll be going to Pete in future. Thanks Keith!