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Motorcycle security - reminder and advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robbied, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. You've all seen the threads recently about several stolen bikes. It's obvious that these thefts will only increase especially with summer around the corner and motorcycles becoming more popular in general. The current economic climate doesn't help either. It is not the intention of this thread to make you paranoid but to make you aware.

    Let this thread serve as a reminder that there are always people out there who are desperate enough, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by stealing your motorcycle.

    Coming from a (mainly property and premises) security background I think I can offer some advice:

    -This point is so important because what is unknown and invisible to someone does not exist and is therefore not a target.

    Try to avoid leaving your bike visibly parked outside your house for extended periods of time. The potential thief might be driving home from work or a mates place and see a nice bike parked outside a house. His ever scheming brain will then note this. Then another day he might see the same bike parked outside the same house again. He can then on that basis assume that the bike is kept inside the garage at the house at other times. Then all he/they have to do is watch the place for a while until they're sure nobody's home and strike. Garages are typically not very hard to break into for a desperate thief. One kick to the side/rear door can bust it open without causing enough noise to alarm neighbours. Within 10 minutes your bike could be in the back of a van.

    Be concious of anyone watching you ride into your driveway/garage. Especially if it happens more than once. The less people that know theres a bike at your address the better.

    -Install a ground anchor with chain. It's not hard to do and will make it difficult for the surprised thief to remove without drawing attention to himself. I'll admit that I don't have this installed right now but will have soon.

    -Keep your keys and documents (all documents really) in a hidden place. The thief only has several minutes to check the more obvious/popular places.

    -Maintain a relative amount of online security. These days with facebook, myspace, google earth and streetview some people are giving away too much information.

    -Have insurance.

    If you have any other advice or experiences post it up.
  2. Put a disc lock on the rear disc rather than the front, that combined with the steering lock will make it much more difficult for 2 guys to just lift the front end up and wheel your bike around.
  3. where can I get this Invisible bike cover?

    What BRAIN? if he had a brain he would be after big $$$$$$$$$, not someones second hand bike, what he could only sell as parts

    Dont buy models that are tempting for a thief i.e Honda CBR600, get a maxi scooter or some small capacity cruiser from china :LOL:
  4. ^^ :roll: You could have at least been funny

    As for locking the back brake rather than the front, that doesn't sound like bad advice. All I can think of - is if you can lift it, so can someone else. Also, a bike cover is a bike cover, so therefore there must be a bike under it - for those who say in surprise, "I even had it covered".
  5. Yeah it's just to make it that 5% more inconvenient for the scumbag I guess...it might take 3 or 4 to take it quickly rather than just 1 or 2 :?
  6. +1 to the OP

    I'm always paranoid about parking my bike and look around for any cars with someone in the drivers seat parked nearby or person(s) loitering in suburbia.

    My bike is a heavy bastard to lift too so i reckon the rear disc lock is a good option... although i reckon two or three descent sized blokes shouldn't have a problem. 200 kilos distributed isn't that bad...

    God i hate thieves :roll:
  7. Good tips on the rear disc lock. There is a big difference between rolling a bike away with the front wheel elevated and actually lifting the entire bike.
  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk :tantrum: :eek:hno:
  9. If like me you lock your bike in a garage then the idea of an anchor bolt is great. I use a Kyrptonite type lock to connect it, I have seen people use a shitty little lock and chain connected to the anchor and it kind of defeats the purpose. I also have an alarm that is independant of the house electricity which is always good. But the best bet is letting my dog wander in and out of the garage via his rather large dog flap!

    So in short get a big fcuk off dog and your bike may be there in the morning. :twisted: :twisted:
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  11. Point taken re lock on rear rather than front. Have seen it done this way in the city l8ly & makes more sense...
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  13. Another good reason to have disc lock on rear is if you forget to take it off before you ride the bike.. Lot easier to control if you try an take off compared to forgetting the lock on the front wheel.
  14. As the old saying goes, if someone wants something bad enough, they will usually get it...

    comprehensive insurance does the trick!

    Otherwise, by the time you finish locking up 3 different locks, plus arming your touch sensitive alarm whilst ringing the security company to tell them you've finished for the day, its almost time to reverse the proceedure to go riding again!!!
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    How many people own a pair of bolt cutters that large, let alone have the ability to move them outside of, say, a car, inconspicuously?
  16. I had a friend loose his harley years ago, the theif used my friends own angle grinder to cut through the ground anchor, so I never leave either angle grinder or hack saw in my workshop. My good bikes are locked well the s#!t one is left with the keys in it.

  17. Or you could just ride a bike not worth stealing like say for example a zzr250.

    When i park my bike at places there are usually other bikes around and i figure no one is going to steal the slow scratched old worthless zzr over the shinny r1/fireblade/1098 it is parked next too.

    Although the down side to this security is you have to ride the bike not worth stealing...
  18. Having had my bike stolen from the garage in a quiet part of the neighbourhood, I can say that no bike is safe. Even where we are now we take no chances.

    The thief/thieves broke the glass in the garage window without alerting the neighbours who were home at the time and never heard a thing.

    pricks :evil:
  19. '

    if a thief would take a $100 monkey bike with a blown motor, dont think that nobody will take your zzr250.
  20. Hi Guys, A ground anchor is great if you plan to keep the bike in the garage all the time. I found an insurance approved alarm called the Mongoose MCA500. it has full shock sensor, tilt sensor and also comes with a paging unit. Full installed costed $430 (in melbourne). so i put a disc lock on the rear and have the pager on me if i go out on the bike. If your shopping and someone moves your bike they better take it within 2 minutes before i get out there..