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Motorcycle sculptures..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. I've got a bit of a kink for motorcycle sculptures at the moment and have been disappointed to discover I can't find many that turn my key...

    So if in your cyber travels you come across any can you please post them here for me and I'll love you long time.

    I did however stumble this one and it looks to be a pearler. However this is all I've got.

    So can you help me find out what it is
    What it's called if it has a name
    Who it's of if it's somebody
    Where it is
    ..and most importantly, can you find some better pictures of it?

    If you do this I will take your next three speeding tickets...

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  2. Stunning

  3. How can I resist? :)

    (Don't worry, I'll be walking for at least three months, so you've got some time to save up)
  4. It's called "Dancing with Danger" statue and it's at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee

    "Willie G. Davidson, senior Vice President and Harley Davidson Chief Styling Officer, has donated a sculpture created by artist Jeff Decker, which represents a motorcyclist intent on completing an ascent of a mountain on his bike. The reproduction, in real dimensions, gives homage to the world of motorcycling competition and its associated passionate culture."



  5. It's outside the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee.

    More details to follow.
  6. Crap, 1 min too late.

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  7. That is pure!!! I want it.

    MV if you can bring it to my place I'll make good on the speeding tickets for you I swear.

    Holly I heart you and you can touch me anywhere.
  8. That wasn't the deal! Tempting though...

    Maybe you can purchase a small replica from the Harley Museum? Roadtrip!
  9. You've shown me yours so I'll show you mine...

    This is my Squiddy practicing his stand up wheelies in the back yard.

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  10. P.S. He gets it from his Mother's side ;)
  11. How appropriate...a rider falling off his harley, right outside the museum!
  12. Wht an awesome helmet - where can I get one!! :p
  13. I'm in. We need to get a photo of him holding a kitten.

    ...plus we can swing by the Dragon's Tail and see who can rack up the most fines before they kick us out.
  14. Better swing past Mulholland drive & see if we can't make it onto the yootoobs too.
  15. I'm thinking the same thing. We need an esky, some deckchairs and some score cards.
  16. We wont be stopping here though, no sir....

  17. I was looking for a smartarse picture for another thread, and as if by magic, discovered one relevant to this one:

    What's your definition of animal husbandry?
  18. James Corbett, on Bribie Island, Queensland, I think. Does great stuff with old car and bike parts.


    And few BSA Bantams ever looked this fast.

  19. Barber vintage motorsports museum: "The Chase" meant to represent racing.


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