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Motorcycle Sales up again.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. More people getting on their bikes
    January 12, 2009 - 1:19PM

    As the car industry sputters, more people are getting on their bikes - motor bikes, that is.

    Cost-conscious consumers took to two wheels in record numbers in 2008, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

    FCAI figures show that 134,112 motorcycles, scooters and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) were sold in 2008 - up 3.2 per cent or 4,146 units above the prior record set in 2007.

    "Sales of motorcycles remained strong throughout 2008 despite the challenges and uncertainty caused by the global financial crisis," FCAI chief executive Andrew McKellar said.

    "While the economic fundamentals will remain challenging in 2009 there are many good reasons why people will continue to turn to motorcycles and scooters for their transport requirements


    more here...

  2. :roll:

    More tightarse squids to add to my premium.
  3. pessimist! How about "yay, more riders to make a bigger voting bloc that can't be ignored as easily" and "more space on the roads!"? ;)
  4. Silly people. Cars are cheaper to run than most bikes.
  5. Meh, it's only a journalist's take that it's for economic reasons anyway. Is it for most of us? Nup. So it's more that people are just waking up!

    (having said that, parking can sometimes make up the difference so the bike is cheaper in total - excluding fines!)
  6. and if we are to suffer more scooters to take up our parking??? What then!?

    *Insert cutscene of CBD roads as far as the eye can see of scooters*

    *and yes all their companions are sipping late's*
  7. Well, I'd like to think I'm partially responsible. After decades of never owning a new bike, I go and buy two within 6 months :grin: .

  8. lol same :wink:
  9. yeh but you guys are cool, those new fangled fanglers who are just getting into riding because they think it'll save them a few quid are not.

    I declare war on anyone who rides a motorcycle like they drive a car.

    Naked besides clothes and about as aware as a sleeping drunk!
  10. Yes, but if someone goes out and buys a bike specifically to be cheaper to run than their car, then it's very easy to do. Small engine, reasonably thin tyres...

    CB400 or similar. Burgman scooters... *shudder*

    It also depends on the relative value of the car you own (if you own both) A LOT of people fail to take depreciation into account in their calculations. I ride a 15yr old bike with 78,000 km on it... so I lose next to nothing in resale value for every KM I travel. If I took the car? Different story.

    These factors put together can mean that (for some people) it's much cheaper to ride than drive.

    But hey, who cares? More riders means more 'stupid rider' headlines, and we all love that sort of thing! :roll:
  11. My bike would be cheaper to run than a car if I could just stop buying all those useless accessories, like saddlebags, extra gloves, fuel and insurance. :evil:
  12. Suppose once you look at leathers, proper helmets (not those $150-200 rubbish ones), gloves, boots, tires n such, a bike can be as expensive as your average small car...
  13. And fuel consumption.

    My mate's CBR10R1ZX peice of crap uses more fuel than my old Mazda2 - and my tyres last. And the silly bastard doesn't know how to do any servicing on it. And he gets rained on. Car FTW.

    But like others said, go buy an XT or VTR or something like that and consumables are dirt cheap, fuel misely etc.
  14. The more people on bikes the better!
  15. veriton is absolutely right here i spent over a 1000 dollars to get all the gear... 3000 on the bike all adds up in the end... bike are way way way more fun though.

  16. Geez mate u got off cheaply :LOL:
  17. The more the merrier :cool: