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Motorcycle Sales In Australia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Removed User4, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Hi all, I hope I'm not doubling up here, but a friend e-mailed this to me, and I thought it was a pretty neet piece of info...:) Honda seems to be ruling the market.. :D

    Motorcycle sales jump 21pc
    February 17, 2005
    From: AAP
    MOTORCYCLE sales jumped more than 20 per cent last year, giving the industry its best result since the mid-1970s.

    The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) said 89,374 motorcycles were sold in Australia in 2004, an increase of 15,702, or 21.3 per cent, over 2003.
    Honda was the top selling brand with 25,498, ahead of Yamaha on 22,742 and Suzuki on 11,393.

    The FCAI said road bike sales grew 26 per cent to 31,967 while sales of sports bikes jumped by 22 per cent to 6316 and cruiser sales increased eight per cent to 7093.

    The off-road motorcycle market rose by 13 per cent to 42,631 and still accounted for almost 48 per cent of all sales.

    Within the road bike market, sales of scooters almost doubled to 7893.

    FCAI chief executive Peter Sturrock said the revival of the road bike market was attributed to the general strength of the Australian economy and the trend towards inner-city living.

    "On the one hand, the long-term strength of the economy means increasing numbers of people feel they can afford a sports bike or a cruiser as a weekend recreational vehicle," Mr Sturrock said.

    "On the other, the trend towards high-density, inner-city living has created a new market for scooters."

  2. Yeah that's great news IMO.. I just hope they are all wearing the right gear :D I also think that it is partly due to the increase in scooters.. Cos here in QLD they are included in the motorcycle stats..

    Lisa :twisted:
  3. Hardly surprising considering what fuel is costing.

    I had to fill up the Impreza a few days back at $1.30 for ULP :\

  4. That's why more people go on Motorcycle or Scooter rather than a Car!
  5. Dito on the gear thing Lisa, I don't know why those on scooters, don't feel the need to protect themselves, as far as I know, it hurts the same if ya fall at 60kph... :-k

    Did you say $1.30????
    You need to travel a few more kms for your fuel LineNoise, we use BP ultima ULP and have never paid more than $1.09.....That really is too huge a difference to ignore...
  6. It was out of town a fair way and a few more K's wasn't an option.
  7. Did my bit in 2004 to increase those sports bike sales by one. :D

    Doubt I'll be a stat in 2005 though, probably won't clock up another one for quite a few years now.
  8. I'm not so sure about the scooter protection thing.

    Yes it hurts the same in the same sort of accident, but there are a few mitigating factors.

    Most scooters (ok I know... not all) are used at lower speeds (which tends to reduce abrasion injuries). Most are used for short distances, which annecdotely at least reduces the number of accidents and most scooters are lighter than motorcycles which can reduce the injury from certain sorts of accidents.

    But the main point I suspect... is that most scooters are simply not bought to 'hoon' :)
  9. Figures were pre Rossi's move to Yamaha! Will be interesting to see what that does to market dominance! You know the saying that what wins on Sunday sells on Monday!
  10. It's still nothing like it was in the 80's....but interestingly I have read stats which actually say it is those SAME guys buying bikes after a 10-20 year layoff while having a family etc etc...I know heaps of my mates who are doing this....(and the accident stats for this group is not good either - 45-55 is the fastest groth area for crashes!).

    Personally - I just never stopped riding....I made it very clear "babe you go before the bike!" SO SHE BOUGHT HER OWN ;)

    The scooter thing is interesting....I personally reckon that Australia would get great environmental end economic benefits if the govt reduced rego fees on bikes/scooters to an admin fee and removed other taxes from them......Most of the mega cities I have been too (lets take Taipei as an example) just would not function without bikes and scooters. Benefits; better traffic flow, less parking required, less pollution, more money to flow into the productive economy (instead of burnt as petrol)....Instead most of our pollies and administrators who don't see much of the world seem intent on following the yanks to a car based society (not that I mind cars, I have 3)...

  11. Well the figures aren't accurate. They used to be supplied by ABS via all the vehicle registrations that each state recorded. But that stopped four years ago and now it is based on the importers to exchange information via a controlling body. The importers now do it on warranty registrations/honour and this may be the first year they are accurate and include all brands. I'm sure last years (2003) figures were in no way accurate.

    People tend to buy on value for $ and value is fantastic these days (except the early adopters or the 'must have it first' guys refer Matt232). But Matt232 is not alone as I have heard that over the next month you will be able to buy a GSXR1K4 for 13,990 + ORC. If you waited a year you would have saved $4000, but who is willing to do that? The retained margin on a vehicle is for a very small period especially as it's redundecy date arrives.
  12. I completely disagree with this...

    Scooters have less power, less powerful brakes and they are also less manouverable - therefore are less able to avoid accident situations...

    Most accidents happen within a 2km radius of your home or work, so distance doesn't really pay a big factor.

    Just because they are not going as fast, they generally still do the speed limit and 60km/hr is going to hurt no matter what...

    I think anyone on a scooter without safety gear is taking an unnecesary risk regardless of the choice of vehicle. I knew a girl who rode a scooter to my previous workplace and ALWAYS wore a skirt or dress pants, and fashion shoes, then a dainese jacket and good helmet and gloves. Go Figure! She came to grief and guess what part of her got hurt?? Skin grafts and a broken leg. She was off work for months...

    I also had a similar accident on the way to work one day... I walked away with a small graze on my knee from the kevlar in my draggins.
  13. Hey!!!!!

    I waited a whole 3 days!!!!

  14. i bet that was the longs 3 days of your life :D
  15. Couldn't agree with you more Titania - I never cease to be gobsmacked when seeing yet another cute office chickiebabe on scooter with short skirt and fashion shoes - rarely with gloves and as often as not without a protective jacket. Might be easy on the eyes, but the bitumen doesn't discriminate between bike and scooter riders.

  16. Agreed, in a couple of days my brand new scooter will be delivered, I've already purchaced a full face helmet, gloves a jacket with built in body armour, and I will be purchacing Draggin jeans and a jacket, and good solid pair of Dr martin boots (shoelaces not an issue on a scoot)
    I spent four months in constant agony due to a work related accident, I'm not taking my body fitness for granted anymore.

  17. Not really! There are up to 650cc Scooter on the market, they are really powerful, even just a 4-strokes 250cc Scooter, it goes over 130kph very easy, because it's a lot lighter than a bike. Breaks are depends on the different brands, some with really good break even better than bikes, we can do emergency break a lot faster and better than bikes. Some of the Scooter with 250cc or more has ABS for standard.

    Ohh..... and we would be more safe when riding, cause of our legs are not explore on the side and if in accident, we can jump off the Scooter a lot more easier and quicker to safe ourseleve and just got the Scooter damage.

    By the way I do agree with you about what's the other Scooter riders wear when they ride. But I think most Scooter riders you saw without a shoes able for ride or even any riding gear, most of them are around the city, most might be only a 50cc Scooter, that's why they though they don't need them. ( I think those 50cc scooter riders might ride without Licence, since some of the states you only need a car licence to ride a 50cc scooter. Or they had their licence from Oversea, that's why never sit in any training course here, otherwise they would get the sense of what they should wear.) (oh.. but those cafe racers just wear singlet and short too?!?!?)

    Also I found that most of the riders if they do involed with any riding club, they will wear some riding gear to protect themselve, even for scooter club.

  18. Invest in a good pair of bike boots, Dr Martin's won't really help your ankle in a crash, and that is really teh most susceptible part in any crash.
  19. I've been overtaken on the Tulla Freeway at peak hour a few months ago (doing just over the limit) by a scooter lane splitting and the rider had zero protective gear :shock:
  20. I love watching a cafe poser in an open face helmet, singlet, shorts and thongs racing through Sydney.
    We all know the gods of taxi/courier van will catch up to them soon :)