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Featured Motorcycle sales data, 2003-2014

Discussion in 'Research, Studies, and Data' started by oldcorollas, Feb 24, 2015.

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    compiled FCAI data for 2008-2014 (for brand and top 10's) and segment sales from 2004-2014
    if clearer/more incomplete data elsewhere, please delete.

    click on images to make semi readable

    total sales figures

    Brand sales summary, 2008-2014

    Top 10: road total, cruisers, scooters, Sports touring

    Top 10: Under 250, Adventure touring, Naked, Super Sport

    Top 10: Touring, Super Motard, Offroad, Enduro

    Top 10: Moto cross, Fun, Farm, Trail
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  2. Did you compile this?
  3. Did you compile this?
  4. I compiled the data from what was available in the NEWS links on the FCAI site below (Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries) as I couldn't find any compiled data that showed postie bike sales from that other thread.
    This is the data that everyone quotes in magazines/sites etc.

    All the data above is supplied by FCAI (conflicting and not), but put into excel by me due to insomnia :D
    2003 sales figures were implied from % changes to 2004
    and they are images as I couldn't see how to upload excel file....
  5. Cool work. Thanks

    Suzuki has taken a beating over the last six years, almost half! I would have though Ducati would have been up more. Looking at the road. Not surprised about BMW performance being well up.
  6. no wuckers, being OCD helps sometimes

    more readable version of Brand Sales Summary 2008-2014


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  7. Awesome work mate.

    A few things I noticed

    1.holy shit Kawasaki has sold some ninja 300's, will be interesting if it leads to brand loyalty in years to come.
    2.the naked market has increased heaps the last couple of years. Go the mt09
    3.honda consistently sells a decent number of cbr1000rr which surprised me
  8. Interesting that sales figures seem to have dropped? I thought motorcycle was an increasing market according to rego figures?
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    this is just new bike sales.. total motorcycle rego numbers are much higher (but not all bikes are registered all the time.. seems much easier to start and stop rego for bikes)
    Motor cycles
    2009 = 624,090
    2013 = 744,732
    2014 = 780,174

    annualised increase 2009-2014 = 4.7% (twice as much as cars)

    MOTOR CYCLE REGISTRATIONS, State/territory of registration - Census years 2009 and 2014
    interesting when you compare state populations. NSW lagging behind in bikes?
    NSW 7.5mil, VIC 5.8mil, QLD 4.7mil, SA 1.6mil, WA 2.5mil, Tas/NT/ACT = 0.5/0.2/0.4mil
  10. Also looks like new sales have almost recovered from a drop 3 years ago.

    Edit: new road bike sales that is. Not total over all sales.
  11. Bikes are lasting longer in my experience. These are new bike sales. Rego include last year's models obviously.

    There are far more 90s bikes on the road now than there were 80s bikes ten years ago.
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  12. Love ya work
  13. It is a great pity the motorcycle sales figures are excluded from the ABS motor vehicle sales statistics, there is no mandatory reporting as per other categories as I discovered in looking for stats recently, this then impacts on other statistics

    Motor cycles, Light rigid trucks and Campervans were the vehicle types experiencing the largest growth rate over the five years between 2009 and 2014 with increases of 25.0%, 22.5% and 19.8% respectively.