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Motorcycle Safety videos

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by neilo, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    In my 30+ years of riding and commuting everyday to work for the past 15 years, I have almost daily witnessed some dreadful scenes on the road.

    I have been trying to cope with increasingly degrading skills and concentration of drivers for years. Reality check... It is very dangerous for motorcyclists in traffic.

    My anger was intensifying to the point of simply abusing stupid drivers but this really doesn't achieve anything. Drivers will do what they do and I guess it is up to me to compensate.

    With this in mind I thought I would redirect my frustration to better use and construct some videos aimed at providing advice to riders to help prepare for these daily examples of danger (there are not many trips I don't experience at least 1 dangerous situation). There is no better way than to include videos of them.

    My Youtube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/fromriderseyes

    I have 7 up there currently but I have more to come soon.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated too.

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  2. Enjoyed watching the videos, keep it up.
  3. Not a bad set of vids... you could easily make a 90sec vid of the driver errors and bike dangers and it could go viral. Kudos for putting them out there.

    Just a comment about Ep 7 - Kudos for responding to the debris/box as you did... could I ask you to comment on the road position you have in the vid - which shows you riding in a blind spot and less than a second behind the black car? The butt flick episode also shows you riding in a blind spot too... maybe that suggests a pattern?? Dunno.
  4. thanks for the kudos robsalvv
    I was currently in the "blind spot" as the blue car on the left was actually travelling slower than the black car and I. What you didn't see in the video is the huge tourist bus we had also just passed on the middle lane (you catch a glimpse of it moved over to the left lane just as the box passes). I tend to move away from larger vehicles as I had a very lucky escape with a plumbers truck back a few years ago who blew a front right tyre next to me and almost killed me from uncontrollably sliding all over my lane and his. He ended up on his roof with pipes all over the freeway. As I said... it was a very lucky escape for me.

    Also, in the window flick video, up until that moment we had been travelling faster on the right lane and I guess this is what happens when I show shortened videos as it doesn't give the full picture. Looking at it I was a bit close to the car in front also :(

    I was originally going to make these videos pointing out to drivers how stupid they are but thought it would probably be more useful pointing out to riders that they need to be aware. If anyone have some more ideas I'd like to hear about them.. I have a few more coming up in the next couple of weeks.

    I hope you enjoy/appreciate the future videos too.

    thanks again
  5. I enjoyed watching these. They are a great reminder of what is to be expected out on the road.
    One question....what kind of camera are you using?
  6. Thanks MelbourneMick

    The helmet cam is a Contour HD but is only 720 and not full HD. I wasn't overly happy with this camera as it takes short 100mb clips and then resets itself and starts recording about 15 seconds later... hence I missed a few good potential clips... The tank camera is a Sony HDRCX350V which is full 1020 HD and an awesome camera but I cannot get a wide enough shot on this.

    I'm about to borrow a different helmet cam which is full 1080HD and has a wider angle lens on it so keep watching this space... should be good..

  7. Great videos. Quick and easy to understand and good explenations.
    Should be a sticky in the New Riders and Riding Tips forum.

    Are you open to having other people submit video's to you? I'm sure you could get a few good ones, which you could teach a lesson or two with.
  8. Not able to see the clips at work but it'd be nice to have a collection to forward to TT or ACA etc where they would show the MC view for once and give some driver education.

    Like the OP I have been commuting on a bike/scoot for years and routinely come across poor driving, again not sure what is in the clips but the amount of people too lazy to perform a head check is beyond me. Is turning your head really that much to ask to avoid injuring someone?
  9. Heya ._. and thanks

    I don't have a problem with submitting other riders footage as long as there are no copyright problems involved and it ties in with the subtle message I am trying to present. Also I guess I don't want bike riders to go out and cause issues and submit footage that I clearly couldn't put up on Youtube too...

    I am sure there is plenty of footage out there but I have to be careful not to put drivers offside either.. I think just the subtle message to bike riders at this point should go a long way.

    cheers man and thanks for the feedback too..

  10. My ContourHD 720 does continuous recording until I either run out of space or battery. If what you describe isn't a mode of operation (and I don't think it is) I would be doing a warranty return.

    Incidentally what software do you use for editing?
  11. Final Cut Pro.. Can't go past it.. Is brilliant. Luckily I borrowed the Contour but picking up a different helmet cam tomorrow.. not sure what make or model as yet but it's full HD.. I guess it won't take too long to get some more useful footage.
  12. Great videos, especially for beginners like me.
  13. Hi guys
    Episode 11 - Expect the unexpected completed at

    Please view all, pass onto your friends and comment/criticise or suggest other ideas by going to

    thanks heaps

    Episode 12-Injured at Best is up and live. Also the playlist for all 12 is below... I'd really appreciate some comments, thoughts and suggestions from other riders..

  14. Sorry, I find #12 to be closer to scaremongering and far from informative. What is it you can't do much about, how close the bus is?

    What can / should you do about it? Who is the target audience, if it's educating drivers then your message makes no sense, if it's riders it is even less useful. "This shit happens cos drivers don't know, bad luck, hope you don't die."???

    I appreciate the effort and the sentiment, but like giving aid to the injured, a poorly framed message can do more harm than good. If you want to educate people, then talk them through what they should do in various situations.
  15. Thanks PhilC.. Yeah I wasn't really sure how to approach that one. The bus was basically on my rear wheel but I guess I didn't quite get that message across. I could have moved forward but the bus was only going to move forward as well so I'm not sure that I can even make any suggestion as to how to avoid/do anything about it either. As you say.. "This shit happens all the time" which is disappointing.

    The videos are aimed predominately at newer bike riders however the subtle message to drivers who watch them is there also. I've had many comments from drivers saying they had no idea riders had these sorts of issues.

    thanks again
  16. I enjoyed them neilo, thanks for sharing!
  17. I can see how drivers could pick up on things they didn't know, a useful by-product.

    Given the drive to help new riders though I'd still like to see suggestions rather than the implication that they will get into no win situations.

    Perhaps you could have looked at bike / mirror position for maximum visibility. Also the advantages of slowing to create a gap which you can then take advantage of with the bike's acceleration to give you space from the vehicle behind?
  18. I'm assuming you've seen all 12 videos? With your comments in mind re the last episode there are also more improved to come :)

    thanks again

    Episode 13 up and live... Please view

  19. I like the educational approach. I think you have a good concept worth developing. Personally, I'd love it if you had a crack at a couple of 3-4 minute clips, get your David Attenborough voice on and set up or explore some specific situations.
  20. Nah you don't want my voice on there but thanks anyways :p Will be putting up some new thoughts soon though.. Keep watching this space

    New episode - Please watch and comment

    thanks all