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Motorcycle safety ad that works

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by twistngo, May 19, 2012.

  1. Came across this on the NW200 site. why can't our TAC numpties do something like this?

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    For TAC to do something like this, they'll have to change their attitude towards bike riders and not treat us like the ones always at fault.
    Great video to watch.
  3. Only 3 pit girls, room for improvement ;)
  4. Hang on hang on, did that police officer just say that speed doesn't always cause a crash?

    Give the guy a promotion, and ship him here!
  5. a good example of what can be achieved if they worked with us instead of against us.
    see it's not the message. it's the messengers. i will listen to that video. trust the well sourced and well meaning advice.
    i can learn things to my benefit from these guys.
    they are the real deal. straight from the field of everyday heroes. they talk, i listen.

    i would LOVE to live in a community where, as a typical rider average Joe, i could respect the police and hold them in high esteem.

    even though i'm an honest citizen. fully licenced and well trained cautious and diligent rider; i now have to plan to protect myself not just from dangerous drivers, but also from the Victorian police force.
    in any unfortunate event on my local roads, because the smidsy has been 100% sanctioned by authorities.
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  6. It'd be great if the the local police provided motorcycle training - one you can learn from some of the best instructors around and two it could develop relationships and get rid of this us/them mentality.
  7. Vicpol riders are very well trained, and they do ride exceptionally well.

    Why cant they put that knowledge forward to help the Riders on the roads,

    Instead of canning us,
  8. This is more so for cars I guess but also applies a lot to bikes: We need more racetracks.
    All those commodore drivers thinking they are race drivers on the streets. Give em a track, let them crash, let them blow some money on their cars and get it out of the system (till tomorrow) so they don't have to do it on the streets.
    Bikes too. I know if I had a better opportunity to use a track quite often it would make me much, much safer on the streets.

    Sorry to be a little off topic, this just sparked the thought.