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N/A | National Motorcycle safety ad ideas

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MissionMan, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. People have been bitching and complaining about motorcycle ads so I thought I'd throw up something different. A thread for people with ideas about how to approach motorcycle safety from a motorcyclists perspective. The idea is maybe we could forward on some of the best ideas to the relevant authorities and maybe change what we don't like. At least if it doesn't work, we can say we tried.

    From a feedback perspective, try to keep it on topic and clean (and constructive). If you don't like an idea, don't say its crap, offer an alternative to the part you don't like or offer advice on why you don't think it would work or help people.

    Here is the first idea to throw out there. Feel free to pull it to pieces or add other ideas:

    Driver on the road, hundred things on his mind, meetings, things for home etc. While he's driving he's playing things through his mind like "shit, need to collect the dry cleaning on the way home". He's obviously distracted and in the process, he has a smidsy with a motorcyclist. Nothing happens except the usual "Sorry mate, didn't see you". Another day, same situation, this different distractions, maybe the radio, the gps or his phone. Another smidsy, maybe with a scooter rider this time. Third time maybe a cyclist. Fourth time, same scenario, except this time he pulls out in front of a motorcyclist, guy bounces over the top of the car and is lying on the road. Then cut to a crying wife or something (optional) and/or a message like "If you're driving distracted, its not not a case of if, its a case of when you'll kill someone." or "It takes 1 second to do a head check, but it could cost someone their life. Could you live with the consequences of killing someone?"

    Second idea maybe aimed at the scooter brigade who ride their scooters fearlessly in suits and shorts.

    A guy in hospital having tar brushed out of his wounds screaming in agony. Short and sweet with a message like "At 60km/h, an accident on a scooter will remove the skin off your leg. Riding a scooter doesn't make you any less likely to have an accident if a driver doesn't see you. ATTGAT - All the gear, all the time"
  2. I want to see the "Drivers are 38 times more likely to be <insert word here>" ad, e.g. distracted, pick their nose, curse, swear, playing with cd's etc.

    Or another ad with a careless driver runs into the back of a car at an intersection... air bags go off, annoyed drivers get out, arms start waving... then the voice over says, "Now imagine if you'd crashed into a motorcyclist?"... cut to a hospital with grieving kids/relos/partner being delivered the "news"...
  3. The second one would make an interesting take on it. Could be done as a short ad really easily and could be quite effective.
  4. You work for the TAC don't you? I can tell.
  5. Nah, I'm head of Traffic Enforcement for Victoria. I'm trying to get all the dodgy bikers off the roads so we can replace them with safer transport like skateboarders, roller blades and segways. Damn motorcyclists are the scourge of the earth :p

    Seriously though, why do you see an issue with it? If you don't like the idea, fair enough, but why? Although its great to approach driver fault issues (which I did in the first example), reducing driver risk is not going to reduce motorcycle accidents happening completely and whilst most motorcycle riders are fairly good with ATGATT, this is probably one of the areas I see ignored by a lot of the Scooter riders. There is this idea that scooters are safer so they assume that riding in shorts and a tshirt is okay. A bit of education aimed at them may not do any harm. A lot of the scooter riders i've seen don't see protection as an issue.
  6. lol can't tell whether that was a dig, sarcasm, joke, serious or a poke at the ad idea which I was totally inspired by convos with you brother!
  7. Alright I'll give it a go.

    View from a driver on a two lane road. Looks at mirror, nothing can be seen, looks at dash and switches on indicator. Looks to the right, sees motorcycle and waits.

    Cut to woman, "I just want to say thank you for looking out for my husband".

    Back to driver on road, waiting to turn. Looks once, appears clear, looks again and there's a motorcycle, waits.

    Cut to child, "Thank you for looking out for my daddy".

    You get the picture cuts between people looking for motorcycles and family and friends of motorcyclists thanking drivers for looking for them. And then end with ""check twice for motorcyclists" or something like that. I figure positive spin can work a lot better. There are a lot of decent drivers out there and we should thank them for being wary of us, but at the same time remind people to look twice and that we are people with families.
  8. ;)

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    I recall a while back there was an advert here on TV in SA that was about distracted drivers. it showed car drivers playing with radios, on phones etc & having near misses with other drivers. For one brief second, it showed them nearly sideswiping a rider.

    that one bit is somethign i'd like to see expanded

    i'll see if i can find it.

    It was actually a TAC advert - how about that!

    also here in SA there are buttloads of 'share the road' adverts on busses etc telling people to look out for people on pushbikes.

    wouldn't mind seeing the same thing for bike riders.
  10. To explain in depth why I don't like the idea would take longer than i want to spend on it, so I'll skip the middle bit and straight to what my position is.

    I believe there needs to be a radical overhaul of road safety in Victoria, not more of the same. The TAC have been running 'gore' ads for years and patting themselves on the back about their effectiveness, but there's plenty of evidence around that they don't work yet they choose to ignore that information and soldier on.
  11. I should point out I've got a couple of ideas that when I've got a chance I'll post up for others to critique.
  12. Point taken. If you don't see any value in the gore, then its could have been worth saying that in the initial post. I accept that it may not have any impact and I guess thats the purpose of this thread, people post ideas, others post why they don't think it would work. i.e. gore doesn't necessarily help so probably using another approach to emphasise the point.
  13. cager > "oops i just hit a scooter because i was'nt looking. just as well he was wearing ATGATT, so he will be ok
    i'm glad they wear that stuff now in case i'm not looking where i'm going. would not want them to get hurt . glad i don't have to worry about hitting them so much ,now that they are safer"

    understand now missionman ?
  14. So how exactly do you attempt to tell scooter riders they aren't invincible riding a scooter and that they should be wearing gear? Ideally the ad isn't aimed at motorists, its aimed at a segment of the motorcycle population.

    You can either target motorcyclists or motorists with ads, but its difficult to target both in the same ad. The current approach seems to target only motorcyclists (which we are complaining about) but I also don't believe its practical to ignore one and not the other.

    You could use your same approach for any ad targeting motorists to say "ah, the motorist saw me because of the latest round of ads, I don't have to worry about wearing safety gear anymore"
  15. Change your premise MM and you may find more traction. The presupposition that we, the TAC or the Government has the right to tell anybody what to with their lives is where you lose me.

    We're talking about grown adults here, not kids. I have no time for Nanny.

    A key question to ask yourself MM is why are scooter riders more likely to NOT wear gear? Answer that and the issue may be able to be addressed at it's root level.

    But 'telling' somebody to do something they have already chosen not to do is a waste of time. Using scare tactics is a waste of time, again it's a long discussion I don't want to get into. Suffice to say this, the television cannot scare people the same way real life can.
  16. I do, well said.

    The image of riders in Victoria is we're a pack of risk takers and we deserve whatever happens to us.

    I'll half agree with that attitude. If I'm flinging the bike through the hills and I hit a gum tree I deserve it. If i'm riding across town and a cager clips me and sends me into a power pole I don't deserve that. What gear I'm wearing is irrelevant, just as whether they're driving a 5star car or a shitbox is irrelevant.
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    That's a great ad Edge I haven't seen that one before. Excellent and goes someway to addressing our 'Drivers are 38 times more likely....' concept.

  18. The reason they don't wear gear is that there is a perception that scooters are safer. The question is how do you address that in an advert aimed at this target audience?
  19. There's a bit more to it than that. They ride scooters for convenience and simplicity. Those benefits are lost if they have to protective gear. Then there's the image factor...

    ....safety doesn't hardly rate a mention.
  20. it's not the same argument in reverse because it's a question of culpabilty.
    you cannot ask the innocent party to take some of the blame for the actions of the guilty party.

    how do you educate scooter riders ?
    = i don't know.