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Motorcycle roller coaster theme park ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by nous, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. #1 nous, Oct 18, 2007
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    The claims:

    "... a ride that allows everyone to experience the rush of motorcycle racing."

    "... the hottest thrill ride to hit the coast this decade pushing adrenaline junkies to a brand new level."

    It's a new roller coaster at Dreamworld called the Mick Doohan Moto Coaster Thrill Ride. Honestly, it's beyond me. It's look like strapping yourself and your motorbike to a rather mild roller kiddie coaster track. I say get yerselves on a REAL bike!

    Dreamworld Ride page

    oLSLiSVzdvQ[/media]]Youtube video of similar ride overseas

    Check out the discussion on an Aussie Theme Park forum
  2. meh.. give me $40, I will give you a helmet, some gloves and a jacket.. then throw you on the back of an R1 and take it up to 270km/h.. the lighter you weigh, the faster we go ;) And we can throw in some corners on the Citylink off/on ramp to the westgate ;)
  3. From the site:

    Max.speed 72km/hr or 20.2m/s


    Hang onto your horses, 70 clicks thats almost mach 1.

    0–65 km/h in 2 seconds

    The closest to racing a real bike.

    YEAH, enough said

    0-65 in 2 seconds, may be close to a 250 I think the GP bikes may just be a little faster
  4. C'mon. They have to keep it safe for the kiddies.
  5. lol nice effort
  6. Has anyone actually given it a go? I want some reviews :grin:
  7. the line is friggin long, remember the giant drop when it was opened, and as all who have ridden a bike will find out, it is boring as, though the helment-less-ness was different but really not worth it.
  8. So we're talking somewhere between 415 and 690 volts running through the track this baby runs on.

    I guess the sparks really do fly when you get a knee down...
  9. How did you work that out when you don't know the value of the current?
  10. Ktul i wierdly clever, mate
  11. that is standard delivery of 3 phase.
  12. I take it back, Ktulu. You still get that Nobel prize from the other day, though.
  13. ROFL, the ride doesn't sound to appealing to me, the idea of riding a fake motorbike just doesn't do it. I want to c some super roller coasters with mega flips & long drops, like they have in Europe.
  14. YAY!!!

    this is what stump has been waiting for!!!

    i will let you know asap

    stump it up! :cool: