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Motorcycle riders told to suit up

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Kaer, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. For once a safety announcement from the police & beauracrats I agree with.


    MOTORCYCLISTS risk ending up a "sticky boneless mess" if they crash while not wearing proper safety gear, a senior Victoria Police traffic officer says.
    Assistant Commissioner for Traffic Noel Ashby issued the warning today ahead of this weekend's Superbikes grand prix at Phillip Island, southeast of Melbourne.

    Police are preparing for hundreds of motorcyclists from across the state, NSW, the ACT and Queensland to travel through Victoria to the event.

    Mr Ashby said motorcyclists should wear a proper helmet and leathers.

    He said police had spotted motorcycle riders over the summer wearing little more than shorts and t-shirts, which left them vulnerable to serious injury if they came off their bike.

    "The Motorcyclist Association has a word for riders that come off their bikes without leathers on," Mr Ashby said.

    "They call these riders 'squids', because they are often left in a sticky, boneless mess.

    "When a rider comes off a bike, a helmet and leather apparel is the only thing between them and the road and can save their life by dramatically reducing the severity of injuries."

    While choosing not to wear leather clothing was not against the law, Mr Ashby said the warm weather was no excuse to be complacent.

    "There are suitable leather clothing options that are ventilated to keep the rider cool throughout a journey on a hot day," he said.

    "Riders can find leather jackets with reinforcements inside the material to protect shoulders, elbows and backs from injuries, and some even have reflective piping along the seams to increase visibility at night.

    "Leathers can make the difference between a fatal injury and a serious injury."
  2. Have they looked at Police riders lately. Don't get me wrong I agree with what they're saying - it's just a tad hypocritical given the number of Police riding around in minimal protective gear. Perhaps they should be having a good look at themselves first before critising other riders.
  3. Sadly from what I have witnesses, NSW police riders are exactly the same. Blue button up short sleeved t-shirt, Jodhpurs, helmet, boots, gloves. I WHOLE HEARTEDLY agree with what is written, however, the police should be setting the precedent for others to follow before they begin to criticise others.

    As smee would say....Pot, kettle, black
  4. ^^Agreed! Up here in Brissy, all the bike cops get around in just an open faced helmet, shorts and t-shirt. I know it’s damn hot up here but I see them like that on the highway at 110km/h.

    I thought that workplace health and safety would really crack down on that kinda thing??
  5. Well, they have to make some half assed attempt at making it look like the give a f*#k.
    Thats just incase we actually gave a f*#k about what they say...
  6. there seems to be a keyword missing from the article...

    SCOOTER :tantrum:

    they are the king :squid: 's, it amazes me they don't get a mention. (unless scooters/bikes are being considered the same thing, but that is rarely the case.)
  7. Most (if not all) riders know what sort of protective gear they should be wearing, whether or not they decide to is entirely up to them.

    I personally couldn't care what other riders decide to wear. They'll soon learn from their mistakes.

    I certainly wouldn't be against legislation mandating that all riders must wear gear that covers the whole body, but because we're an angry lot, I'm sure there would be plenty amongst us who would think it unfair/discriminating.
  8. Quote...While choosing not to wear leather clothing was not against the law, Mr Ashby said the warm weather was no excuse to be complacent.

    Not against the law yet anyway. I can just see some wanker somewhere rubbing his hands together...oh look, something else we can make it law for motorcyclists to do...surely if we keep on harassing them they'll just give up riding eventually?

    I see a LOT of people posting here saying riders should do this or riders should do that...like the riders themselves ain't smart enough to work out things for themselves.

    My thoughts are this...you're an adult...you make your own choices.
    Wear what you want, when you want, how you want.
    If you come off wearing shorts and a t-shirt be a man (or woman) suck it up and don't complain afterwards.
    I think we're back to " Let those who ride decide" again.
    Where I live everyone rides in t-shirts and many in shorts. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, but I don't need anyone telling me if it's a good or bad thing. I can manage to work that out for myself.
    If people are so worried they are going to have an accident that they want to buy every piece of protective gear and constantly worry about coming off their bikes, well I have to say maybe they would feel more comfortable in a car.
    I don't worry about coming off the bike every time I leave my driveway. None of my mates do. We've managed to survive decades of riding in Sydney, I expect (Government permitting) we'll manage a few more.

    Ride what you want, wear what you want.
    Laterz: Jaq.
  9. I must say, I don't think I've seen a police cop around Melbourne that didnt have full leathers on! Or I just haven't been looking too hard ..hmm..men in leather.. I am SURE I would have noticed! :wink: :grin:
  10. Likewise. Always seen em kitted up on the rare occassions I have come
    across em.
  11. Blue Chick..go to Tassie hun, they wear a full set of dark blue leathers there most of the time. If you've ridden there in the winter you'll know why.
  12. Tru..

    Legislating to make leathers mandetory is going too far. Retailer on the
    other hand would love it! They'd do a roaring trade.

    I ride squid as well at times. Try to at least wear a jacket on most
  13. Kishy..you are so right about retailers mate, they must be wondering how they can profit from this article right now.
    Most of you are probably unaware that in the USA recently Harley Davidson is rumoured to have chatted with the EPA regarding after market companies making Harley products, and they kinda hinted that it would be good if aftermarket, non standard parts and companies could be made to shut up shop. Companies like S&S, shops that use Harley engines in choppers and custom bikes.
    The EPA listened all right, now they are saying they are going to ban ALL modified parts that do not meet the original manufacturing criteria.
    You wont be able to make ANY modification to your bike except the exterior looks of the bike. Dont take my word for it, it's listed at Bikernet.com and many other sites.
    Not just Harleys, any mod to any bike, no more Micron exhaust pipes, no larger back tires, nothing at all that changes the original engine dynamics in ANY way at all. Even a bigger back sprocket, that will change the original revs and thus the emission output.
    American bikers are freaking out!
    All we need here is ONE manufacturer to suggest we all HAVE to wear leather, all the time, to PROTECT OURSELVES FROM OURSELVES, for our OWN good.
    Kishy mate, you know my thoughts on being told what I can and cannot do.
    I really hope no one picks up on that coppers statement about riders should always wear full protective gear.
    You know it will be because blokes like you and I are just too stupid to make our own choices of course?
    Draconia Australis...getting closer every day.
  14. thats correct if you go squidding and fall you wear the scars
    simple as that
    you cant tell people what to wear...
  15. Just out of curiosity what other type of cop is there?..

    Yeah the training cadre out at atwood is pretty good. Probably get the right attitude installed in most in melbourne. Mind you its only about 35 to 50 people including the training cadre in vic these days.

  16. Lotsa motorcycle cops about that don't war jackets in hot weather. Need to look harder CBC.

  17. about time.. the sooner its compulsary like a helmet the better. I just cringe whenever i see someone with no gear on..
  18. Its never gonna happen so don't worry bout it fellas....

    Squids are like cockroaches....they were here before and will still be here long after :)
  19. I see guys with no gear on and everyone has something to say about - i bo0ught every piece of protection gear i can get my hands on and people give me shit, they think i am pretending to be a racer or something - i wear leathers, boots, back protector, gloves and helmet every single time i ride, lately to work each day.
  20. Don't let it bother you JTH. Who cares if they think you're pretending to be a racer. Would rather pretend to be one, and keep the skin, than to fall to peer pressure and be nursing weeping open road rash skin wounds for 3 months if you come off.

    Absolute minimum for me is helmet, proper boots, proper gloves, proper leather jacket (Tiger Angel) + kevlar reinforced jeans when riding at 80kph or less. At speeds higher than that, then out comes the zip-together-with-jacket leather pants plus back-protector.