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Motorcycle Rental in Malaysia

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by jd, May 2, 2006.

  1. Going to be holidaying in Penang and Langkawi later this year and was just wondering if anyone else has been over there and knows if it's possible/adviseable to rent a bike while I'm over there. Not chasing after anything special just thought that if there's the option of grabbing a small moped/scooter/whatever for a few bucks a day it might be fun. I've already checked and my travel insurance will cover me against injury - but will I also need to get an international licence so that I'm covered against property damage (have heard that rental insurance is void otherwise). Any recommendations of places to rent from (or to avoid) would also be great.

  2. not quite sure wat it is like in maylasia to rent a bike, but most asian countries you will be able to rent a bike, but will be required to hand over your passport, and you will not require an international licence, as you are a tourist...but dun qoute me.

    i went to thailand not long ago and got a bike, they just took the passport... the only thing you will have to do follow is the road rules if they have any..and wear a helmet or the cops will get you on it...

    usually at the resorts/hotels you stay at provide information on what you need to do/have when riding a bike and driving a car.
  3. We hired overseas. No way I would hand over passport, not ever. Mate stacked a little Honda "Thing" about 100cc and was just a ????baht charge (about $2.50 Aussie :grin: ). Heard of people stacking CBR600's around Phuket and then having a bill for $$$ turning up complete with the stand by hit men! They don't seem to worry about the little ones but. Ripping around KL may be a bit different though.
  4. i wasnt to keen of handing over my passport either but i got it through someone of the street they keep em just incase u stack the bike n dun bring it back.. you can get it through the places u stay at but its a little bit more expensive...

    i kept copies of my passport just incase newayz...
  5. I was in Penang probably 10 years ago this month, backpacking my way from Sydney to Bankok (and beyond - was away 2 years). I stayed in Penang for a week or so, split with a visit to Sumatra in Indonesia for a couple of weeks.

    Anyway, I did hire a bike whilst on Penang. I can't remember what I provided as security, but I never left my passport with anybody, so presumably it was a trust thing (which it often was when I rented bikes on my travels).

    The bikes are the typical kind of asian scooters (110cc or whatever they were). I remember in Thailand you could rent a wide variety of bikes including proper sports bikes.

    Have a great time. Penang is an interesting place (well Malaysia is period). I came in through Singapore up to Melaka, Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands and then Penang, before heading into Thailand.
  6. just be careful to lock the scooter up whenever you have to leave it somewhere. do not lose it! there are scams around whereby places rent out the scooter, their people steal it while it's in your possession, and you cop a massive fee.
  7. Yeah I've heard of a few scams that go on over there - like the guy who magically appears to sell you the part your bike needs after it "mysteriously" breaks down a few kms down the road. Guess I'll try the places I'm staying at first, even a 100cc scooter should still prove fun through the hills :).
  8. yea try and get it through the resort and see how you go. it is safer... but getting a scooter/bike on a holiday is the best fun.. go out for the whole day sight seeing, its great!

    enjoy your time in penang!!
  9. Langkawi would have bike rentals. But very pissy ones (scooters/harley grade).

    Take asia air to Phuket, dirt cheap flights, book from asiaair.com. Phuket is bike heaven, beautiful quiet roads and no speed limits. I rented new CBR600RR for $30 a day. Phuket is also better than Langkawi in terms of tourist destination.

    If you have 2 days you can ride from Phuket to Kho Samui. Beautiful I heard (but I did not have the time).
  10. One of those asian 110s will not thrill for speed but they are fine for sightseeing and such. Just don't get busted trying to stoppie them :LOL:

    With a good bounce they come up quite well..... Oh and get some trendy stickers to cover any scratches that may be accidently caused :p
  11. Spent a lot of time working in Butterworth(town across the water from Penang on the Peninsula) and have spent many a day in Penang (No clues doggy on my background :wink:) and there is one thing you have to know before you try to ride there. Cars WILL NOT give way to "zingers" - any 100cc-250cc bike. There are too many of them so cars will pull out into a steady stream of zinger traffic as long as there are no cars and the bikes have to go around them. Was a bloody hard thing to do the first time I had to drive there. If you don't know this you will get creamed.

    Oh, and if you are in an accident and the cops ask for "coffee money" it means a bribe. Up to you if you pay it. We were able to get out of paying by saying we were military. If you don't have such a fallback then it could get ugly if you don't pay them.
  12. I was in penang last about 4 years ago but didn't hire any bikes there however i was in Langkwai in January of this year. There is a bunch of places to hire bikes on the island. Mostly auto scooters. You can get some geared cruisers there also.
    I did see a NSR150 on the road there but i think it was privatley owned

    150CC is the largest Scooter they have and all i could get my hands on at the time but i think the largest cruiser was 170CC????

    About $20 for 24hrs

    Ohh yeah, almost forgot..... Watch out for the monkeys!
  13. Well I'm back and can confirm that not only is it possible to rent a bike in Malaysia - it's a lot of fun too :grin: . Rental prices were good, around $12 for 24 hours for what looked like a Honda cub (50cc I think) or 110cc Malaysian built scooter - or $24 for one of the Malaysian built 175cc cruisers (Modenas Jaguh). I went with the cruiser option for the (relative) extra power and although it wasn't great through the twistier sections of road (probably no worse than any other cruiser) the single cylinder engine did provide a lot more torque which made it far more rideable on the steep uphill sections than the smaller, more nimble bikes. Power was fairly limited and it seemed to run out of revs fast - have no idea what speeds it was capable of since the speedo had stopped working at the 75,000km mark (and from it's condition it had probably covered many kms since). Though given the way people drive over there going fast isn't really a good idea. In just the 4 days I was in Penang I saw 2 serious accidents involving riders - one rider died before the ambulance could reach them (since it took more than an hour just for it to get to the accident), the 2nd was taken away with serious leg injuries. Still renting a bike is definately the best way to see places most tourists miss, and some of the mountain roads of Penang are excellent for riding - it's also a great way to meet (and race) the locals.