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VIC Motorcycle rental expenses after "no-fault" accident

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Krish, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. hi folks,
    I had an accident 3km from home yesterday. A green SUV trying to cross to the far side of the road that I was, me heading down the right lane of a 70 kmph road and him just appearing in front of me from nowhere.
    My insurance wont cover the cost of a rental while my XDiavel goes to get fixed and tells me that they will "try" to recover incidental costs for me from the the other party. But that statement doesnt leave me with a lot of cofidence.
    From what I have seen, renting a bike for 3-4 weeks will cost me around $3000-4000.
    I am however, nervous about being able to get it back if nobody is contractually bound to repay me for it.
    Does anyone have experience with such a situation?
    Also, are there rental companies that you folks would recommend?

  2. The person responsible for your loss is legally liable to provide restitution. Your insurer (if you lodge the claim via them will do SFA to recover the monies over and above the cost of repairing/replacing your bike. If you served the other party with a demand for the cost of repair/replacement and associated costs for loss of use of your vehicle, they will pass that to their insurer if they are insured and their insurer will likely try and argue against paying it, but you then have the option of small claims proceedings.
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  3. Also depends, I would imagine, if you have paid for this as an option in your own cover. Like windscreen or tyres as extras etc. Time to check your policy in detail. If it's not there I would think it is highly unlikely your insurance will help you out in this respect.

    Why don't you hire a small car, would likely be cheaper? Or public transport or a bicycle?
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  4. just fcuking walk
    if your like half the dudes on this forum it will do you good
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  5. Didn't see many insurance options that included the hire option.
    I rode to work to make my commute faster and more fun....as opposed to the economy of it. Used to drive till 3 years ago. But it looks like I'll have to either go back to driving or take the train until i recover from the whiplash and can get back on a bike.
  6. Excellent suggestion...maybe take it yourself and walk away from the keyboard rather than wasting time and bandwidth....
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  7. WHAT?
    you have whiplash
    better leave it alone for a while dude
    hope it all works out for you
  8. yeah
  9. Thanks bud. Considering I landed on my noggin...i reckon i got away lightly.
  10. Sounds like some helmet shopping is in order. Glad you're ok!
  11. yeah in all serious
    glad your ok
  12. Thankfully,i did have gear covered under my insurance. Plus I have an experimental Shark modular on its way to me already.
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  13. Oh yeah, wouldn't have looked very good to the onlookers when a 6ft3in guy flew 10m over the handlebars and landed on his head.
    Thing is, driving does my head in and am not a fan of public transport.....so i reckon about a week is all i can take of being away from riding to work.....assuming my recovery trends the way it has the last 24hrs
  14. instead of renting
    buy a lams bike and sell it after
    you wont loose much
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  15. That's probably the best option but the issue with that would be trying to recover the costs from the car driver or his insurance company.
  16. well the only people who can tell you that are the insurance company's or a solicitor
  17. I would never have thought of that, what a bloody great idea...
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  18. i rent all types of things
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  19. How much damage to the bike and what parts needed? Is it an Er as your profile suggests or in fact a Diavel as per your post? If the later your 3-4 weeks might be optimistic.