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Motorcycle Religion

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shady_knife, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. wasn't sure where to put this, (general? offtopic? motorcycle related but spam?) so i'll put it here... feel free to move/delete it or whatever.

    one thing's bothered me for a while, that i can't walk into a bank/petrol station without having to take my helmet off, but a lady wearing a full burka/hijab can. (now this isn't really about the whole burka arguement so please leave that out of this thread)

    so? why do they get this special privilige? relgion, thats why, so the logical thing to do is to make a motorcycle religion, making the helmet apart of the religious dress when partaking in the sacred act of riding a motorcycle, whether for leisure or business. call it a pseudo religion or whatever, as long as it achieves its purpose i don't care.

    so, how do i go about making this happen? would you put it down next census? just curious really.

    so, would you join a motorcycle religion? maybe take on a norse god as our own, Zoran would be my choice (the norse god of speed).
  2. you just need to put a burqa/hijab over your helmet....its easyer than taking helmet of just fold one up and put it in your pocket and take it out at servos and banks etc....
  3. may as well do it.
    plenty of other groups around claiming to be religions for tax breaks and indemnity from various laws. we really need something to save us in Vic right now, you need a permit to tie your own shoe laces here.
    and a saviour in the prophet Zoran works for me

    consider me a convert, HAIL ZORAN !
  4. dammit stuh !, KNEEL BEFORE MIGHTY ZORAN !!!
  5. The answer is simply a balaclava under your helmet.

    Walk in with the helmet on, they'll ask you to remove it, you do so.

  6. Or you could just argue that you really are into ATGATT and don't like to ever remove any of your necessary safety gear.

    Where's that beige.racer?
  7. This was "discussed" at length here somewhere fairly recently.

    Maybe not the starting a religion bit, although that's been raised here or elsewhere in the past.

    If you're devout enough you should be able to find the thread in question. Think of Moses as you move your cursor and click the mouse button.
  8. moses? who's that? i'll let zoran guide my speedy hand.
  9. Can we have Aphrodite as our god???? Just incase we have a vision of our god...
  10. Tell them you're related to Stig. Stig's motorcycle-riding cousin...
  11. Dont need to create a religion.. just pull it out when needed.

    Servo dude; "You need to take your helmet off before I can serve you"
    - "Sorry I can't, its against my religion"

    Seriously, no one is going to question that since everyone knows arguing with religious people is never going to end in constructive discussion.

    I've actually used that line before, but I couple it with 'if you had a POS eftpos at the pump I wouldn't be in here'.
  12. Your religion is only 5 hours old and already there has been a schism. ;)
  13. See, we're developing at an astronomical rate :)
  14. we need a name...
  15. OMFG! you guys YOU GUYS!! you won't believe this.
    i just found some mystical stone tablets in my helmet. no wait! on closer inspection they appear to be made of carbon fibre. they've got like a whole new list of totally awesome commandments carved into them. HOLY CRAP!! (literally)
    i have to take a bunch of young and dumb brides and will only achieve enlightenment when i own a turbobusa. ZORAN ROCKS !!
  16. we appear to have our first prophet.
  17. Unfortunately Jedi Knights don't wear helmets
  18. i'll join... but the leader would have to be seriously awesome!
  19. i'll sign up provided i don't have to give 10% of my net income to the cause..