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VIC Motorcycle registration cost in Victoria

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by nightgash, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. On the Vicroads web page are motorcycles classified as light motor vehicles?

    For example at purchase price of $3,500 the full registration cost is around $650?

  2. probably...

    The Victorian State Government: raping YOU since 1901!
  3. Registration for a motorcycle costs about $30. TAC levy payable with your registration is about $500, depending on your suburb. :p

    Value of the bike isn't relevant, but the capacity is. Or are you talking about stamp duty?
  4. out of curiosity, does victoria do quarterly rego?

    i think it would be handy for those who are less financial, or only really ride in the warmer months.

    ACT has it, NSW doesnt....
  5. I just registered the Hornet in NSW (including my MY-599 number plates, which have a yearly fee).

    Green Slip (Compulsory Third Party) was $287.00
    Pink Slip Inspection (Roadworthy Certificate) was $17.80
    Registration Fee was $138.00

    And just to complete the pillaging of my fragile finances, six months Full Comprehensive Insurance with QBE was $159.00.
  6. In the ACT your CTP is included in your rego, makes it so much easier. 12 mnths rego on a GPX250 was rego fee: $80, CTPI premium: $79.30, Road rescue fee: $16, Road safety contribution: $2, Rego surcharge: $38.50, Duty: $75. Oh and $37 to get a RWC, but that's once only, not yearly like other states
  7. We just had an expensive month with both the 600's & 1 of the 250's up for renewal

    Reg $98 x 2
    CTP $287.00 x 2
    Pink slips $17.50 x 2

    Reg $98
    CTP $127.00
    Pink slip $17.50

    Oh to answer the question in original post .. sorry not a clue :LOL:

  8. with my health care card i have until april 20 it does
  9. Thanks for your help. It turns out the bike was already registered till December which was an added bonus!
  10. $33.70 to be exact.

    $467.50 is the highest, for > 500c and living in a high risk zone. (which is most of metro Melbourne)
  11. It's strange how T.A.C levy is different for the suburb it's registered in. Just because someone lives "in a low risk" area, doesn't mean they don't ride (to work?) in a high risk area, and could be daily. I thought a flat fee T.A.C levy would be better but I guess the levy per suburb is a way of raising more $$$ ?
  12. $450 for a litre bike in Tarneit Victoria
  13. As I said, unless you live country your in a high risk zone. So that makes it a quasi flat rate.
  14. Anyone gets concession discount because of Health Care Card?
  15. Ah, I guess your definition of Metro Melbourne is just different to mine. When people say "Metro Melbourne" I only think of CBD, st kilda, richmond, brunswick etc. Like I guess 10-15 kms from heart of city only. I guess this is a fallback from living in Richmond and working in CBD @ buildings. Places anymore than 10 mins out of my usual environment I start to think of as "Outer Melbourne/Country" :) Is there an actual official defintion of Metropolitan Melbourne?
  16. To the best of my knowledge it goes like this:
    If you have a health care card you get a concession and you can choose to pay your rego for 6 months instead of twelve.
    That concession is for only one vehicle per year so you may want to see if your car rego or second bike (if you have either) costs more and get the money off that...
  17. Do you get concession of the rego (like only $30 all up so I guess concession at best would be $15?) or the actual T.A.C levy? That's for people who actually know instead of wild guesses? :)
  18. Ok, quick google shows from VicRoads!

    from http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/News/Jan+-+Dec+2006/RegistrationConcessionChanges.htm . I'm not going to be doing any more research, 70mg of oxycontin is zapping motivation to do research, it's rest time (sore arm :-({|= )
  19. yeah... the bits one the inside cover of the melways that have a square with a number in it on top of them. :)
  20. Thanks fellas,

    May have to invest in a Health card then. :p