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Motorcycle quick shifters

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by red.hot, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. Hi folks,
    I'm looking for information on motorcycle quick shifters. People make this modification to their bike if they cannot use their gear shifter properly (ie impaired movement of foot) so they can change gears using hand controls instead.
    e.g. http://www.kliktronic.co.uk/

    Does anyone use these, or know someone who has?

    I'm trying to find recommendations on whether some are better than others. I'm also looking from an Aussie perspective, overseas versions have been very expensive and I'm wondering if anyone makes these in Aussie land.

    Thanks for any advice.

  2. Basically we are in the same position as yourself where my partner can't move her foot, so this system works a treat.

    I researched both the pingle system (from the states) and the klicktronic from the uk, i ended up choosing the klicktronic (which was the more expensive) of the 2 systems but i don't regret my choice at all.

    The main reason i went with the klicktronic system over the pingle shifter was that the klicktronic said it could find neutral on all bikes the pingle they said depends they had a couple of bike which they got them to select neutral but not on all the bikes they had installed it on (it was mostly HD) and klicktronic was installed on all and most disabled riders groups bike of all styles and they also recommended the klicktronic.

    We have both sets of button's switches, because i order the ones that sit at under the bars only too find lenna struggles to reach them. I called them and were happy to swap them over but we decided to hang onto them incase the other buttons are worse....Imo neither button system is all that good and i am currently working on building a new mounting block for first lot of buttons.

    As for installing the system fairly easy to do, just do your measurements correctly and it works well ](*,)

    Because i still ride the bike as well and i prefer the foot over the shifter, i extended the bolt that joins the shifter to the pedal out about 25mm past the shift, which i can now get my foot onto the end and shift, via foot.

    The reason I prefer shifting with feet is when you use the buttons you loose all feel of has it gone into gear can i let the clutch out etc etc.....to get around this issue for lenna and while i was testing it i decided the gear shift indicator was required, and that said for it's application in use with the shifter it's the only why to confidently know you are in gear.....I tested the bike for about a month without it, and then with it on as well as lenna and both agree it's a must have when using the shifter, though in saying that i do tape it up now when riding by foot (for other reasons.)

    If you want any other info or have any other questions please ask

    Cheers stewy
  3. Hi Stewy, what about using the klicktronic system in conjunction with a quickshifter. Once properly calibrated for each gear, no hassle with the clutch, perfect clutchless shifts every time.

  4. the klicktronic system is a quickshifter or are you referring to the additional ignition interrupt module???

    But yes i am looking into that atm (whats another couple of hundred dollars at this point) :LOL:, this was the reply i got back from keith (by the way) he is great to deal with.

  5. Yeah that's what I meant. I would generally refer to the ignition interrupt style devices as quickshifters, hence the confusion!
  6. Probably because they (ignition interrupt units) are marketed as "quick shifters". Look at the new BMW's that have them, and the DynoJet product... all use the "quick shifter" label.
  7. (y) got ya...yep just the shift unit, imo requires the shift indicator to know when it has gone into gear because unlike using your foot you have no feel or feed back through the push of a button