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Motorcycle prices dropping?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Clayt0nB, May 18, 2013.

  1. I have been watching the second hand market quite a lot in the past few months and just as an example I will use the popular lams 250's; vtr, ninja and cbr.

    Around maybe September, give or take a few months, the price of a good condition, 2010 (+, -) CBR with ~20,000 km was well into the $5000 range, 4000 if its a desperate sale and really rarely 3000 if its been dropped and thrashed.

    Now, I can find 2010 models with less then 20,000 km in the $3000 range easily.

    This is very much the same for the VTR, $5000 was the average a few months ago, now, there are some as low as $2500. (desperate sale).

    The ninja, I slightly expected to drop because the 2013 model is quite different and my assumption was that more people wanted a new 2013 compared to the amount of people who wanted a new 2012, therefore decreasing the value of pre 2013 slightly. Also, the 300...

    Just thought I would share what I have noticed. Who has recently (In the past year) bought one of these? What do you think?
    What are some of your ideas causing the price drop.


    *Prices based off online bikes for sale, disregarding dealers.
    *I know winter is a factor.
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  2. Summer v winter

    * Just noticed your * comment
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  3. Cheaper new bikes seem to be lowing the price of the second hand ones. To me this makes a second hand VTR an even better option as you get the discounting caused by Thai manufacture with the MIJ quality.
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  4. Yeah winter kills bike sales in the southern states, especially learner bikes, though qld maybe less so.

    But yeah the old 250 ninja is going to get hammered by the new one because it looks old and learners buy on looks.
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  5. I agree with 'Sue' here.
    When it comes to entry level bikes you can buy them cheap as chips these days with a warranty etc.
    So why buy a second hand bike with an unknown history and limited recourse for around the same price ?

    It is the same reason the second hard car market is cheap.
    When you can buy a new car on road with a 5 year warranty for $12k why buy a clanger from Arthur Daley !
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  6. Exactly as others have mentioned. Its easy to pick up a brand new LAMS bike for about $6500 or so hence why 2nd hand prices seem to have dropped. (Also why some bikes seem to be sale for ages as the sellers fail to recognise that a new equivalent of their bike is no longer $8000+ like they paid for it a couple of years ago)
  7. Prices have dropped yes, it's throughout the automotive market as competition has ramped up. You don't even need to be working full-time to buy a brand new car with the works. Prices are lower in winter anyway, don't really understand why -- Australia doesn't get THAT cold to need to stop riding in the winter.
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  8. It gets cold enough for the majority of wingers.
    So take advantage and don't let on that bikes will not explode when in contact with a bit of rain.
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  9. Yay. They can drop all they want. My bikes are worn out and rooted by the time I've finished with them, so less of f#ck all resale value is really f#ck all. But it makes the next second hand upgrade, or sidegrade a bit more wallet friendly. Good times to ride motorcycles.
  10. It's a good time to buy anything if you've got the dosh, bikes, cars, boats, planes, real estate you name it.
    Thanks to fanta pants not many people have the dosh.
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  11. Fanta pants! LOL
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  12. Even the classic bike market is down a bit.
    Bargains are out there,especially in the +25K market.
  13. What about Laverdas Blabbs?
  14. Yes I am noticing the drop in collectable stuff too.
    Great time to buy a pristine VMX or classic road bike if you have the coin.
    Except that old Fanta Pants has everyones money!
  15. Will be interesting to see how long new prices hold if the dollar keeps diving.
  16. Shhh,dont let the cat out of the bag.
  17. Ok sorry, I'm whispering now, ok?
  18. Well the new prices shouldn't move too far at all when you consider that most new bikes cost the same now as they did when our dollar was US$0.70.
    Of course that doesn't mean much!
  19. Buying new is a mugs game.
  20. True but if no one bought new there wouldn't be any used if you know what I mean.