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Motorcycle Photography

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dan, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. A recent cover of TWO magazine made me appreciate how rarely I see any genuinely creative motorcycle photography... you always seem to get the usual shot of a bike in front of a lookout, or a super close up of Valentino cranked over - and others...

    Anyone know of any really good bike photography going around (URLS etc?)
  2. When you find one let me know, but creativity is hard to do on the other side of the fence, if only they would let me sit on the track.
  3. Yep, I wonder if Tara would help us on this one :LOL: :LOL:
  4. Someone posted a little while ago about article in the paper regarding Tamsin Lewis and her apparent love of riding motorcycles. I reckon she'd be better than Tara. (Sorry Tara, but I'm just not into crime novels...)

    Has anyone got any photos/info about Tamsin and her riding habits?
  5. OVAL wheels - 1 word - photoshop
  6. Real photo of Darius Khashabi (the guy behind Servin it Up) - 1 word- youdontknowwhatthehellyourtalkingabout :p
  7. I don't know Padros, I think that girls' legs are a bit TOO perfect...

  8. :LOL: :LOL: :cry: :cry:
    That's why I'd never do a Barry Sheen ride...
  9. real photo , its not oval its a optical issusion , the front when is turned and on an angle and in shadows
  10. Thanks Jho, that's the best thing I've seen in ages. :LOL: :LOL: Love it!!!
  11. He'd be happy with that comment mate cos it's his girlfriend.
  12. don't think so. Someone has stretched the pic upwards

    this shows how it should be : http://trapdoor.darb.net/albums/General-Forum-Images/yamaha_r6_03_bikepics_451738_2.jpg
  13. thats only resizeing the picture .
    when you blow it up , it is normal , but does have a oval look because of the fender and the shadow.
    in the smaller picture it is stretched as you say.
    but the picture its elf , stoppie and kiss isnt a photoshop job , as in woman added to the photo etc
  14. +1

    Saying photoshop implies that what is happening in the photo has been fabricated.
  15. No it doesn't that's your interpretation.
    that photo was photoshopped in some way because everything is elongated.
    The photo itself though is the genuine article.
    Most if not all digital photos in magazine articles have been photoshopped in some way and they does not mean they have been fabricated.
  16. No, it's actually the common interpretation. Seeing how 99% of digital images have had something done in photoshop (levels, resize, crop, whatever), to say something has been "photoshopped" implies that the contents have been "modified" as opposed to "adjusted".

  17. read Padros's comment
    It's a common misconception, not interpretation.
  18. That image has been taken in 2 shots and superimposed. just look at the shadows, he has the light on his back and so does she and they are both facing different directions. Also parts of the mess on the fence are missing at the top if you look real close blowing it up in photoshop.