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motorcycle parking in or around darling harbor?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ginji, May 14, 2007.

  1. I need to be at the convention centre in Darling Harbor tomorrow for work, does anyone know a suitable area to park my bike? Free or cheap would be ideal, as I only have to be there for 4 hours, and don't exactly want to pay an hours wage just for parking.

  2. a lot of places on kent, king, yourk, pitt streets. You would not be going to EMC conference by any chance?

    there is an area near the new Fairefax offices just past StarCity as well.
  3. I have no idea what conference it is, just that my presence is required to supervise some advertising girls on a couple of our segways :) So in the end I get paid to sit around for the better part of 4 hours... :cool:
  4. [​IMG]

    Under the trees here ! . . . its free !
    Between the taxi drop off point and bottom of the steps from the monorail station. The convention centre doors are like 5m away ! :grin:

    Tuck it in the building perimeter and disk lock it !
  5. What Micky B Said

    Yeah, What Micky Said, I park their fairly often and never had any trouble. Just don't block fire exits and tuck your bike right out of the way of foot traffic.
  6. thanks guys, I'll see how I go tomorrow
  7. The above area is restricted parking, and Rangers from the Harbour Foreshore could (but probably won't) fine you. Just be aware you are still taking that risk.

    The exhibition centre car park can be entered and exited on a bike as the gap beside the boom gate is big enough to fit through.
  8. don't know the street name but near the IMAX screen, up the road there is a spot where there is always bike parked. you park then just use the walkbridge to get over to the convention centre. don't know name of street but saw heaps of bikes parked there when i went past the other day.
  9. Wheat Rd.
  10. Parking went off without a hitch at the exact location Micky suggested. Thanks guys.

    Oh, and TotalPanic, It did end up being the EMC conference, was quite good, they had some xbox360's set up with MotoGP on em which kept me entertained between me having to do anything :LOL:
  11. If a bike is out of the way, not interfering with anyone's path at all then you'd have to be a real jackarse to fine them if you were a ranger, law or no law.
  12. Most Rangers are Jackarses!

    Revenue is the issue here, you would think some of them are on commission!
  13. that maps needs to be updated.
    Don't rely on it, as the numbers are also inaccurate !