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Motorcycle Parking in Car Spaces

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Mizz ZZR, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Does anyone know of any document within the laws of Victoria, that specifies that motorcycles are permitted to park in car spaces?

    Vicroads of course has their Motorcycle Council leaflet that describes the footpath parking thing, but I can't find anything on car spaces.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Or perhaps more to the point is there any law specifically stating that motorcycles CAN'T park in car spaces, I'm sure I've read a rule somewhere about bikes being permitted to angle park in parallel car spaces. Persoanlly I do it all the time, usually easier/safer than trying to park on the footpath. It's also fun if you can get a group of bikes to each take up one car space, really annoys car drivers looking for a parking spot.
  3. Car parking falls under local council, so the applicable parking laws will be dependant upon which local council zone/region you are thinking of.
  4. That would be too easy. It's more a case of proving there is no rule against it I'm afraid. The Vicroads parking regulations (which councils must adhere to) always refer to the "vehicle" rather than car or bike. Consequently all the rules will apply if your bike can be shown to be a vehicle under the Act.
    Your registration would pretty much guarantee that, I would have thought, as it is a fee for using it on public roads (including parking areas).

    the regulations are on
    with the parking regs in part 12, and the definition of vehicle in part 2.[/url]
  5. back in the bad ol days ....when the melbourne city council was planning on baning parking on the footpath ... i was one of the 15,000 odd bikes that converged on the city one sat morn ... we had what we called a park in ... where each bike occupied a single car space each ... and every 2 hours we wuld swap spots with the person in front of us ... ( advoiding fines ) ... worked a treat .... and pissed the council off no end .... but i wouldnt have a clue about the laws these days
  6. By swaping posts like you did you can still get fined.

    You need to move into a different parking segment on the road to avoid a fine. eg

    <-----------A---------------> <-----------B-------------> lets say those two segments represent the roadway and the <> represent the signs. If you are parked in A for 2 hours you would then need to move your vehicle into B to avoid an infringement. Moving your vehicle into another bay in Segment A is still illegal. The signs specify that between these two signs you can park there only for the time specified.

  7. I was told of some poor buggers in Perth that put two bikes in one car spot and were booked for being illegally parked.. Seemed there was some law about only one 'vehicle' per spot or something..

    Seems stupid if its true but that's what I was told..

  8. yes we moved to a compleatly different parking spot as u showed ... and 1 bike per space ..and no we didnt fined ... but did create kaos for sat morn shoppers who had driven in
  9. this was 20 ish years ago
  10. I think basically everything has been said with regard to it being up to the indivual council and their by-laws.

    But one other thing is to check the definitions within the by-laws and see whether "vehicle" includes motorbikes. I know that for some councils' by-laws here in Perth there is a distinction between "vehicles" and "motorcycles". I would have thought 'vehicles' was a general term and would therefore include bikes but apparently not.

    What pisses me off is that there is no consistency and so you never know where you stand, plus there are never any signs in the parking lots specifically saying that bikes cant park there. Seems ridiculous to expect riders to read the by-laws for any council that they may ever park in.
  11. My question is ...Your on a bike so why are you even parking that far away when you can park 6ft from the door :p :p
  12. What if you have driven around the block before parking in A again, or is there some whack law that once you have used a bay thats it for the day...
  13. well i suspose you could have .... but as it was a protest ... most people were hovering around near their bikes in small groups ..... so when the meter time was up we would just swap spots with the guy/gal next to us
  14. I'd hate to have to put up with that crap, especially as, by paying your registration, you are paying for your right to use the public road (which extends to the kerb). OK, I'm not a lawyer, but I wonder if this has ever been legally tested? I suspect that if it were, councils might find that they have no right to choose which legal, paying customers they can reject!
    and I also understood that by-laws pertaining to parking always required clear signage (at least in Victoria). WA city councils can overrule state law?
  15. Well, I've read everything on parking the Vicroads site casn offer and saw nothing stopping bikes from using regular parks. I see no reason to even wonder if you couldn't.

    A particular council might be able to have a bylaw preventing it but it would have to be well sighned. If there's no sign, there's no problem. :)
  16. Oh it's true alright, I've been warned myself, and there was a recent thread started here by another Perth member who had just come across the same problem. It's worse than '2 in 1' though, any bike can be illegally parked if in a car bay. It is a local council issue with no consistent application. It's like russian roulette finding out which councils do, or do not allow it.

    EDIT (link)
  17. No, you are only allowed to park in that segment for the duration that the signs stipulate.

    If on a quiet day you parked there for the time limit, lets assume its 1 hour, left that segment, not just rolled forward and then back, completely left the segment, went around the block and came back to the same spot then you would be entitled to park there again for a further 1 hour.

  18. Generally true over here too, but there are exceptions. Some signs require a period equal to the allowed time, before return. In other words, if you are in a 2 hour bay, you can't return for 2 hours, a 1 hour bay, 1 hour etc, etc
  19. Yeah, no doubt true, but how would the inspector know you had left in between his inspections? If his gizmo indicates that you had been parked there one hour and fifteen minutes ago, he'd be entitled to assume you hadn't moved.
  20. The vast majority of all roads are under the control of the local councils not the State Governments, hence the individual councils are the ones that repair and control and manage local roads. Its the major highways that are controlled and paid for by the State government and only the national highways that are paid for by the federal government. So its not a matter of councils over riding the state government.