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Motorcycle Parking at Macquarie Uni

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ad91on, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hi there friends,

    I'm about to start out at Macquarie and apparently there is motorcycle parking there.

    Anyone know where it is? I can't seem to find a map on the net and won't have a chance to go out there and do some first-hand investigation.

    Thanks for any help, friends.

    Here is a picture of a cow:

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  2. its not marked on the maps
    generally there is a spot at a stairwell in most of the multi-story car parks
    theres 3 spots outside the gym too
    Quite a few bikes park in a corner spot between concrete pillars in the C2/C3 car parks on the ground floor.
    DO NOT park on footpaths as you will get fined. The Mac Uni parking officers are not shy! ](*,)
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  3. Are they legitimately able to enforce fines?
  4. yes, yes they are

    from: http://www.ofm.mq.edu.au/PDF/p_rules.pdf
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  5. http://www.ofm.mq.edu.au/PDF/map_parkinginctemp.pdf

    Refer to map above - I normally park at the north end of the X3 car park (night classes only), where there is a section for about 10-15 motorbikes, and it's undercover too. You need to be careful sliding your bike through the bollards, and watch for traffic whilst crossing the road if coming from the southern end of the X3 car park.

    Easiest way to access this north end of X3 is from the Balaclava Rd entrance (just snake your way thru the main X3 carpark).

    Next easiest way to access this north end of X3 is via Culloden Rd and Link Rd.

    Yes, don't take any chances with fines, especially on a weekday or weeknight (on late afternoon weekends or school holidays the officers possibly care less).
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  6. Thanks guys, I enrol tomorrow so will figure it out then. Give a nod to the vfr400 if you see it riding around!
  7. It's been a while since I graduated, but I used to have the best luck in X3 (where aranciata said) or W4 (bank of uncovered bike spots near Western Rd). Heaps of bike spots, close to Price and Macquarie Theatres.

    C1-C3 were good too,under one of the stairwells or in the marked areas on the ground floor near the Macquarie Drive crossings.

    Whenever I had classes at the eastern end, I'd just go to F3A and find a car spot that already had a bike in it.
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