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Motorcycle Paramedics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fekkinell, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. So I was talking with my girlfriend the other day and I said "Hey Paramedics should use motorbikes. It'd be a lot quicker".

    Then today I was reading this...


    ...and discovered this...


    ...and this video of an older one in action...


    I never knew.

    It's a damn cool bike though. :grin:
  2. I've never worked in the city, because I wouldn't commute to and from that godforsaken hellhole of congestion for less than $3gajillion/year.

    However, my friend has and he says Sydney city pedestrians are some of the most self absorbed, arrogant pricks you'll ever hope to find.

    What's a pedestrian crossing?!?? You just step right on out into traffic, and make those nasty polluting car drivers wait for you.

    The paramedics need to ride faster, and at least ONE of them needs to stop and beat the crap out of the next person trying out their brave new attitude.
  3. That would be a tough and stressfull job. Getting to the scene, doing a primary survey and starting CPR/Defib by yourself until the cavalry arrives. Hats off to them.

    Ignorant pedestrians and car drivers are the same the world over.
  4. all praise to paramedics. truly admire how much confidence they have and critical decision making they do.

    how could someone throw coffee at a paramedics head ?...seriously should be shot.
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  6. throwing coffee at a paramedic... christ, that is a new low.
  7. HAHA!

    I thought this was going to be about the siren they use!!!

    To be honest, if people cant hear the paramedic coming towards them then they would have to be 100% deaf!

    if you could replace your horn with any noise it would be the noise they emitt for their siren.
    Seriously, it soulds like a high pitch car alarm only 20 times louder.

    If i saw anyone throw anything at a paramedic, i would have no hesitation crash tackling them, friggin idiots...
  8. Alas, solution! Give the paramedics tazers!! :grin:
    They'd double as a defib machine also! :grin: :grin:

    Maybe even fit long prongs on the front or the bike, like a cattle prod, and anyone who doesn't move, gets tazered! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  9. +1

    Thats just so selfish of people... They need a real good kick up the bum :evil: .

    These people are risking their lives and doing their best to get to the person in time to save his or her life and some person has the nerve to throw coffee at the ambulance and others not even bothering to move out of the way talking on their phone in their own little world. :evil: Idiots... :mad:
  10. I can't work out why paramedics get abused. I mean they chose to do a jump that is pretty much all about helping others.
  11. Yup, their siren (apart from sounding hilarious) is extremely attention grabbing, totally unique siren sound - very weird.
  12. Maybe a 140DB directional short range horn should be fitted just for these paticular scum :twisted:

    A question for those who live in the cities where these are deployed, is there a PR campaign of any type to inform the idiotic zombie-like masses about the bikes and thier role?

    Still trying to convince the boss to let me throw some SES stickers and a chainsaw on the side of the bike :grin:
  13. you in the SES?
    another NR on here, endurotour is, and he often uses the bike whilst on call/at work. dont see why you cant... dunno bout the chainsaw though :p
  14. if the chainsaw is for pedestrians, just stick a claw hammer inside the fairing instead.
  15. Yep, have most the training now, I just need the experience before I forget eveything :rolleyes: It's a farm bike (ag100) with road tires, so I could strap a roof safety kit to the back and a not so large chainsaw to the front with room to spare.
    I think insurance gets in the way though :( I still have plans to fit out a DR as a coms/recon unit in the future and "do a study", see if a bike if a viable unit for the SES.

    Tempting, but the solid steel handguards would do the job I imagine. They certanly take chunks out of the brick wall when I don't line the gate up correctly :roll:
  16. I've been at a few accidents where the bike-medics have attended. They are brilliant.

    After having coffee with a friend in Melb the other week, a lady stepped into a turning vehicle. No-one even knew what to do.
    I think I was the only one with first aid experience or willing to use it.
    To some of the pedestrians credit, though, they directed traffic & stayed 'til the ambos loaded her.

    So maybe more 'pedestrians' with 1st aid training would make them less selfish & more like human beings. :roll:

    I for one would have no problem with belting anyone who got in their (medics) way.
  17. Vic Ambo's have been using bicycles at larger events (F1 Grand Prix, Avalon Airshow, etc) for a couple of years now.
  18. I saw the video first and thought what a sweet job it'd be to break the rules with impunity - shame about the having to actually fix people part.

    Then I saw that Kerri-Anne liked them, and who wouldn't.

    Then I read the article. Normally I read people's macho posts about kicking mirrors and punching people with carbon fibre knuckles and think "man, I would've hit the gas and run away", but if I saw some yuppie c*nt throw his latte in the face of a motorbike ambo I don't think I could control myself. At least push him out of the way. Goddamn, it's like all my anger about cars beeping me and the decline of society all rolled into one issue :evil:.

    The worst thing is how that article describes him as a "bikie" paramedic to make it sound more sensational.

    He should just roll his bike old R1200 over the top of whoever gets in his way - then they can find out how long a van ambulance takes to get there the hard way.
  19. As an ex-ambo, it was pretty rare to cop any sort of abuse. Occasionally we were given some grief about how long it took us to get there, but when are people are under stress they can have all sorts of strange reactions. Mind you if it did take a while, it certainly wasn't cause we were sitting on our arses back at branch, it was usually cause we were flat chat. The incidences of real assault are very few and far between, but they do happen.

    Once a bunch of kids threw rocks at our truck, but their parents came out and tore strips off them, saving us the job.
  20. Ghostrider would be so good at that.