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Motorcycle Packs

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Voltran, Dec 11, 2015.

  1. Guys, i was looking for a pack to join but i don't know where to start. Don't we have a meeting place, a club or a group where all motorcyclists get together & ride together ?

    I'm not asking for those badass motorcycle crime packs, i'm more like asking for good guys, motorcycle packs, like the ones who always watches out for all the rules, does not; speed / split lane / drag / burn tyres etc. More like the guys who goes to nice riding paths rides altogether, enjoys sun and beaches, reads book at a caffe, makes friends and returns home. Shares their experience with young riders, does weekend repairing sessions on their garage along with some beers.

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  2. Sounds like you should join the Young Liberals :)

    Seriously though, I know what you mean. I joined my local Ulysses Club ("Grow Old Disgracefully") and they are a great bunch of people, but maybe a bit old for you? Minimum age 40!
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  3. I would love to join them. But do they have something to do with the center right Liberal Party ? Do we have a more like, socialist labor style? I don't wanna argue all day with them. :)
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  4. Hi Michael.

    I heard a rumour that the Young Libs were starting up some kind of political section.
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  5. You're already here....

    At NetRider, We're a bad bunch of motorbike riders and every Saturday (here in Melbourne) - 2 bad-ass dudes (GreyBMGreyBM and hawklordhawklord) look after learner motorbike riders (who want to be bad-asses in the future) in Elwood. We talk bikes, drink coffee, discuss bikes and drink more coffee while learning the fine art of being good riders.

    Occasionally there are Learner rides where we ride nice riding paths together and have healthy lunches along the way, stop for afternoon tea and finish off the ride at fancy cafes where they serve fancy ice-creams!

    And yes, there are bike maintenance sessions also with a BBQ as well although beer is not promoted as it does not mix well motorbikes.

    Is this what you're looking for? :D
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  6. Exactly ! :) Loved it, after i got the motorcycle, i'm gonna stick on your tails.

  7. I have a non-stick tail. Paid a little extra for it, but well worth the money...
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  8. Then i use my spider instincts along with my boy scout skills to track where you go mate.

    A real quick question : Can we use a CBR 150R to go Uluru from Mmelbourne safely ?
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  9. Yes. But there may be better choices.
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  10. Does a CB125E be a better choice ? (Just wondering because it is cheaper but i just hate the look of it, i feel like a pizza delivery guy in that one...)
  11. I would question why you would do that trip on anything smaller than a 250.
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  12. Was just trying to save some money. But now i got it. It seems that the best option is to buy a 250cc for interstate trips. I guess anything else under that cc would make my life harder...
  13. Considering the section of the route is posted 130k/h you will find even the trucks will be doing a higher speed than you can manage on a small bike. You are likeley to end up as some truck drivers hood ornament.
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  14. #14 Voltran, Dec 14, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2015
    Today i was talking with peterstevensbikes, "from you i thought that 300cc may sit at 130kmph" but they told me that even the Honda's 300cc CBR will only go with 100 km, and they told that if you push too hard, they would go a little bit more but, they can't sit on faster than 100km since the revs to sit on those speeds are way too high that could wear the engine faster... So what would be the cheapest mobike which can sit on 130kmph which would eventually protect me from being a truck ornament :D ?
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Size and weight of the rider, prevailing wind against you or with you and weight of your touring gear all play a part in your acceleration and speed.. On such a trip I would be looking at a 500cc or above.
  17. Lol, he was saying that i would be a truck ornament :D I'm just trying to survive here.
  18. 500CC that's it. I quit. I will get a "suzuki tf 125" and ride at the side of the road on dirt with 50kmph if it does.
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  20. All good mate.

    In all seriousness, if you intend on doing large distances on major roads a 125, 250 will be arduous.
    As cjvfrcjvfr mentioned, better off with something larger.

    A CB400 with a screen will tour well. Albeit a little pricey.
    Cheaper option is a GS500
    Best best would be something like a Ninja 650 RL

    My 2c