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Motorcycle p0rn

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Chef, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. ...whether you watch it, make it, or just do it.....it's all fun ;)

    *WARNING* many kittens were killed during the making of this clip

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  2. That was 7 different flavours of awesome, thanks!
  3. My pleasure NK. I don't cum across many clips that are as good as that.
  4. I like their use of kevlar shirts. Where can I get some from?
  5. That was awesome!
  6. Need more Torque-like bike fighting at the end over the girls' affections
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  8. Tags: kitten snuff film :rofl:
  9. Not your average youtube stunt vid. Very well produced.

    Can we make this the "Motorcycle p0rn" thread? We can post these kinds of great pics and vids in it.
  10. Sure can. I heart kitten pron
  11. Very good :)
  12. Great Vid, but...................

    :rolleyes: Why would anyone have LardArse written across the seat of his leathers is beyond me....:p
  13. Smokin' Hotties !!!
  14. WTF was that all about at the end? lol
  15. anyone see motorcycles in that vid? awesome
  16. You might like this. The black prince, 1989, doing an 11 min run of the motorway around Paris.

  17. Damn... all it would take is for ONE idiot to swerve while he's going between the idiot and another car, and he'd be gone.
  18. Beige is BANNED from this thread!
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  19. V nice cheffie, thank ya!
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