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Motorcycle outriggers

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by boz, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. The link below is of a rider who uses retractable outriggers ('training wheels') on his bike for stabilisation at low speeds. Why? Well he has no legs...

    4 megs: http://www.azoomm.com/Pics/Cheryl/Nexxt_drag_todd_short.wmv
    (link originally posted on exupbrotherhoodforum.com)

    Very impressive! That is definitely commitment to riding.

    I think some of the shorter riders on this site could benefit from a similar set up. :p
  2. bastard has a bit of a weight advantage :LOL: wonder how he'd go getting his knee.... ummm.... or stump down :shock: :LOL:

    that is cool tho, i'd like to think i have the kind of passion it takes to keep going after losing a couple of legs :D top stuff....
  3. Best one I saw was a double amputee (no legs) who had a custom trike that he could roll his wheelchair onto, lock into place and away we go!

    So cool. 8) I'm gonna do it when I lose my legs...

  4. I had a mate over here, a Patriots member called 'Phantom' who had an outfit like that. Unfortunately he passed away a few years ago. This thread has made me think about him. I have never in my life known anybody with bigger cojones. No matter what shit life threw at him, he just carried on carrying on.........sadly missed.