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Motorcycle Outriggers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smidsy, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,
    My brother is at the point of having to give up riding because his knees are shot, (he's looking at a double total knee reconstruction) he won't consider a trike.

    I've seen a few outrigger systems on the net, and most are large, not much different to a trike visually, and probably wouldn't fit his 1800 Boulevard anyway.

    Does anyone know of any discreet outrigger systems, ideally a set up that can be raised and lowered via a switch.
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    i have seen some little training wheel things one time on a goldwing but cant find a link


    Found, but they suck more than i thought

  3. Just buy an open top sports car.................!!
  4. Can-am? I know it's kinda like a trike.

    So whats the issue? Is it his knees supporting his weight when stopped? Would a lighter bike help?
  5. A decent side-car outfit? A whole new riding world to explore and great fun. Bit more street cred too than those Can-am lollipop thinggies.....
    Hey, best wishes to your brother with the knee work.
  6. Try searching for ' grrrl' think it is...was a thread about a bike being built for her - maybe you can talk with her partner and some of his friends that gave him a hand for some idea's as to memory they did the majority of it themselves ...at the least it might give you some ideas if two grrrl doesn't work in search try grrl
  7. Have a little think about this.
    If you add another two wheels to a bike it becomes a car.
  8. Soon to get m.y knees done too.

    Have met quite a few people recently who are still riding after having their knees done, which gives me hope.

    Only done 3000 klm on the new monster, and want to keep riding.

    Work with a bloke who had his knees replaced, and still rides, although he had to change styles, as his leg movement is now somewhat restricted, and sport bikes are now out of the question for him.

    Can he wait till he sees how the op goes?
  9. Shit man, I don't know anything about outrigger systems but I hope it all works out for you guys.
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    If I had a choice between not riding, and that, I'd pick the landing gear. Good solution to the problem.