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motorcycle names

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. ok... hayabusa... it has a name, ninja, it has a name, jap bikes, jap names. cool cool i understand. an r1 is 1000cc, an r6 is 600cc. makes sense to me. in the car world it's logical most times; for example a bmw 318i is a 3 series with a 1.8litre motor, that's injected. etc etc etc.
    with car models, it's simply a case of pick a letter, then pick one after it that sounds ok, (i wouldn't have called a commofore a VD, or a Falcon a BJ either :grin:

    so in terms of bikes like gsx-r, rgv, yzf, zzr, zxr etc

    does it have meaning??
    is it just random bike company lettering or anything?? or is there a theme, for example, a kawasaki might have 1z for sports, 2 for sports tourers and stuff?? or no, just random??
  2. Mostly the meaning in the model number is only relative to the range of the brand itself.

    IE - you know ALL GSXR's are faired sports bikes made by Suzuki.
    You know ALL ZZR's are faired tourers made by Kawasaki.


    If you want a cool little story about a bike name, Hayabusa means "falcon" or "eagle" in Japanese. They named it that because the favourite food of the falcon/eagle is the little 'blackbird'.
    They figured on this name because the 'busa was taking the title of fastest production bike away from the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird when they built it.
  3. I know Suzuki have a definate system with their prefixes and suffixes. For example GSX stands for DOHC, four-stroke, four valves per cylinder - whereas GS is a DOHC, four-stroke, two valves per cylinder. The 'R' in GSX-R denotes "race replica". Letters after the capacity are designed to indicate subtle differences, usually in styling (ie E was used to specify cast wheels, D was used for versions with twin front discs, G has been used to denote shaft drive, all Katanas have a S suffix etc.) - there was also a system of giving each year a number (ie 1991 was an 'M') - of course when they ran out of letters they just switched to the current Kx system.
  4. Actually it is specificly the japaniese name for the Peregrine Falcon (The bird the inspired me to chose my forum name)
  5. *lol* I thought this was going to be a thread on motorcycle names like 'betty' or 'philomena'.

    There is a logic to the nomenclature used. Its like ISPs and naming their servers, a theme or pattern is chosen with some unexpected results.
  6. Suzuki promo stuff for the GSR600 has "Grand Street Racer" in it.
  7. at least a suzuki 1300 isn't saying hello to mr baldy, "hi abuser"... oh well i learned some stuff today, thanks guys

    *ahem* yzf?? what does this denote
  8. cb'x' - honda single, parralel twin or in-line 4
    vt'x' - honda v-twin
    vf'x' - honda v-4 (although not the st range for some reason)
    X - 4 stroke trial bike
    C - 2-stroke trail bike
    with r tending to mean sporty and L tending to mean all round.

    xl'x' - sportster
    fx'x' - Dyna
    fs'x' - Softail
    V'x' - Vrod
    the more letters after this means more shit hanging off.

    K-inline 3 or 4
    R- Horzontally oposed twin
    number = 10% of capacity though recently 100%
    last letters tend to indicate style
    e.g.1 k100rs would be a 1000cc sports tourer.
    e.g.2 r1200s is the new 1200cc sports twin.

    suzuki as noted above
    F - tends to be touring
    e.g. gsx750F
    W - water cooled on some models

    yamaha and Kawasaki have had systems over the years but they don't stick to them.
  9. I found the YZFs kinda confusing after being all about the YZ motocross bikes in my youth, and wondered whether it meant they used variants of those 2-stroke motors...
  10. Not necessarily. One of the Japanese guys I used to work with was from one of the Mitsubishi Group and we were talking about car names.

    I mentioned that some of the Japanese car names didn't always make sense and I mentioned the Mitsubishi Starion. His response was classic - "It is big brother to Colt, you know - Starion - Big Horse" :LOL: :LOL:

    He assured me that it was true - his brother worked in the car division and apparently it took a long time for them to live that down once the other divisions realised what they'd done. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Wow, and here I was just thinking they all sounded good. :)
  12. That's hirarious! :grin:
  13. Of course the other story is that Starion derived from the fact that the engine used was developed from the Orion engine in the Colt by Diamond Star Motors (Star + Orion = Starion). This was a company that named a car "Lettuce" after all. I still like to think the Horse story is true though.
  14. I think Corrola is the re-productive bit of a flower.

    and then there is the Klugger.
  15. The Pajero on the other hand is spot on :LOL:
    (But only in some Spanish speaking places)
  16. Mazda got it's company name from a Zoroastrian God (there's actually a religion called Mazdaism). Just imagine what would have happened if they had of chosen a different deity instead :shock: (Buddha Bravo perhaps).
  17. Of course there's the famous story when Nissan unveiled the Cedric in Australia. The official reason behind the name Cedric was that they wanted it to evoke images of upper-class Britishness :roll:

    An Australian motoring journalist at the launch said that it was considered a poofter sort of name here. The Nissan executive asked him to explain what a poofter was. When he heard the explanation he asked "Do you have many poofters here". When the Journalist replied "a few" the Japanese response was "We will sell many cars then" :LOL:
  18. there are enough males with pink personalised plates that i'm sure cedric's could almost make a comeback.. there are a few 121 metros that could be replaced
  19. There's an amusing little article here in Drive.com.au on dumb car names.

    My favourite in there is this one:

    "Mitsubishi T-Box ā€“ Move the hyphen and the space around a bit after the second ā€œiā€." :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. I know the name for the Toyota MR2 had to be changed in France to simply MR - since MR-deux sounded a little too much like merde.