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Motorcycle movies - got a favorite?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chairman, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. In the "what got you into motorbikes??? " thread, djkearns and patske have opened the bidding with this little exchange...

    Can't agree with either - I'm proposing TRON. Anyone else want to make a suggestion?
  2. silver dream race, ooohh that david essex, he was a cheeky boy.

    my fave is mad max though, gotta love those mad 70's aussie bikers
  3. Stone (70's gangland/biker/drug movie)

    Easy Rider (obvious)

    The Great Escape - Steve McQueen's performance on Triumph Trophy 650 disguised as a BMW

    No Limit (1935) - George Formby builds the Shuttleworth Snap and enters the TT

    Sherlock, Jr (1924) - Buster Keaton - best stunt motorcycle riding ever.
  4. the buster Keaton one was great!!!

    but the great escape and Mad Max are old favorites too. :)
  5. I think i can safely say that biker boys or whatever it was called is the WORST...
  6. OK - I didn't actually call for bids on the worst movie, but a real stinker was "Chrome and Hot Leather"
  7. Grease 2 :LOL: !!!
  8. The girl on a Motorcycle (1968) with Marianne Faithful
  9. STONE

    'nuff said
  10. HAHA I was just kidding about Torque lol it was sarcasm unforntunately messages on the internet either ooze of sarcasm or lack it completely, I am yet to master the skill. Torque sucks agreed. Best motorbike moofie for me would have to be Born to ride, besides the fact that it had that goofy guy from full house in it, it's a pretty good film.
  11. Akira

    /me kicks Suzuki in the pants

    Where's me god damn G-Strider!!?!?!?

    stones a good second, up their with madmax

    and of course


    :LOL: :D
  13. STONE

    Easy rider

    On any Sunday
  14. Do you count TV shows - "Streethawk" was interesting.... as for movies, I guess mine is "Harley Davidson & the Malboro Man" - a stupid, stupid film, to be sure, but I got a laugh out of it.
  15. The Wild One. Brando and Marvin. 8)
  16. fav movie: Ghostrider :D

    fav actor: Ghostrider :LOL:
  17. ditto