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Motorcycle mirrors for filtering?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by DamusB, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Hi, pretty noob at filtering but even with a thin 250cc bike I find the main cause of slowness or holding back is due to a mirror on mirror situation when filtering...
    Does anyone know of motorcycle side mirrors that are good for filtering or a resolution/mod to this problem?
    I mean honestly, how good would stupidly short or small mirrors be!?
    Thanks in advance!

  2. Also I wasn't sure where to post this, if its in the wrong part of the forum please move or advice where I can re-post? Sorry!!!!!!!!
  3. Fold the mirrors in.
  4. I mean your mirrors not other peoples
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  5. mine do seem to have folds but they seem locked, is there recommended aftermarket replacements that do this well? OR BETTER!!! an electronic solution!? because I tell you what I would pay the big bucks for button push fold in or out mirrors... It could even be a million dollar idea?
  6. adapt some car mirror mechs
  7. I have stupidly small mirrors. They are brilliant for a commuter but I wouldn't recommend them for a noob. The trade off is I can't see the lane directly behind me. I am trading my safety for convenience. Some would call me an idiot for it. If you filter everywhere you go the risk of a rear end is reduced so the need for sight in that space is lessened. But if you want to go down that path cut your teeth in filtering a lot more.
  8. Those ugly pig spotters
  9. There is some difference when the mirrors are attached to the handlebars or the fairing so even small 250's may have issues with filtering because one can't just twist the bars to dip around the cars.

    I noticed this today when a little ZZR thingy couldn't keep up with me and it wasn't due to a lack of the rider's skill. I was able to turn the 'bars slightly to get through but he/she couldn't.
  10. burgman executive scooter has electric mirrors
  11. Other options are:

    there is a helmet with an internal mirror. Not sure who makes it or its Australian legality.
    Rear facing go pro wifi linked to handle bar mounted phone.
    Though I don't think either of these substitute the legal requirement to have a mirror or 2.
  12. I have bar mounted mirros on a my Spada 250. I can almost filter as well on it as my moutain bike, and it beats the strom easily (I prefer the Spada in city traffic because of this). Often I have one or both folded if I'm filtering for long stretches of road. It's an easy palm press to unfold one without taking my hands off the bars if I want to check behind.

    The trade off is you lose some rear visibility, and I think it wouldn't pass a roadworthy (depends on the mirrors you get).
  13. Get a trailie or motard with squashy suspension and adjust your mirror height using brakes and throttle ;).
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  14. You use your mirrors as 'feeler blobs' to let you know whether you've got too close to cars. The alternative is to use your fingers (on the bars), but I wouldn't recommend it.
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  15. OP if that is your bike in your avatar, just losen the bolts enough that they don't move from the wind but so you can just pull them in when needed
  16. sadly on the fairing its a double bolt so there is no maneuverability where the mount is. I actually pulled the join (half way along the mirror) to see if it would move and it does but its TIGHT as hell HOWEVER, the actual mirrors them selves have practically no maneuverability at all so I cant really win with them.
    I did find these online http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-8-Pair-Un...Parts_Accessories&hash=item27fa8e9c43&vxp=mtr I just question how useful they will be if I mount them to the same spot.
  17. How about foldable bar end mirrors and remove the original ones?
  18. sadly the across has super sport handle bars that a quite V shaped for the hectic ninnnn around corners so I dont thing handle bar mirrors would work?
    I could be wrong though??? Thoughts on that?
  19. Those are bar end mirrors. You need something that mounts on your fairings like these but for your bike http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motorcycle-...Parts_Accessories&hash=item5b0e2fc2f9&vxp=mtr
    I personally don't like bar end mirrors, apart from IMO looking ghey when they are that low you actually have to look down to see them, and depending on the size even more difficult to see anything.

    Alternatively you could look at reconditioning your current mirrors it might just need some WD40 or new O-Rings on the joint.
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  20. Those mirrors look good, I might get them!!!