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Motorcycle Maths

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by hornet, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. So here's a little game for Hump Day. It's called Motorcycle Maths.
    I'll start with motorcycle definitions of the four most common mathematical terms, and some of the "A" words. See how many more "A" word definitons you can create.

    Addition: What your garage needs to accommodate the piles of stuff accompanying owning a bike, or more than one bike
    Subtraction: Extracting your enduro bike from the water crossing that didn't look THAT deep when you first rode into it
    Multiplication: Making your bike heavier by repeated additions of accessories:
    Division: What can happen to your relationship if you get TOO involved with bikes

    "A" WORDS

    Absolute Value: The LOWEST price you'll take for your second-hand Across
    Arithmetic Series: Buying two BMWs in a row
    Axiom: what you wish you had when your enduro bike broke down miles from anywhere
    Argument: Intermediate phase of division (see above)
    Arc: Final Phase of Division

    "B" words next Wednesday if anyone still wants to play!
  2. Average: ???
  3. looks too much like brain usage to me, i'm gunna go play solitaire :D
  4. Algebra: ??

    How about i come up with the A words, and someone who's brain happens to be working today can come up with a definition?!! :LOL:
  5. Algorithm!!
  6. Ya gotta have that if ya want to disco!
  7. Annulus
  8. Antipedal triangle
  9. PMSL!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    We've all seen the result of Maths nerds on the dance floor without algorithm :wink:
  10. Average: CB250
  11. Acute: Any female on a bike. We all know any girl looks 'acute' as soon as she straddles a motorbike...
  12. Apollonian Circles ??
    Archimedes' Method
    Axiomatic Completeness
    Attractive Point

  13. Multiplication: The extra complication that comes from having more cylinders on a bike.
  14. Apollonian Circles ??
    Archimedes' Method
    Axiomatic Completeness
    Attractive Point

  15. Obtuse: The guy in the car in front who hasn't realised you're behind him.

    Right Angle: Depends, for me it's only about 15 degrees from vertical... Better than the wrong anle... :D
  16. I was waiting for something to be said about that one! :LOL:
  17. Goldwing
  18. Apollonian Circles: Damn fine circle work and the best way to get rid of a rear tyre
    Archimedes Method: Bike's don't float...
    Automorphism: BMW K1200LT
    Axiomatic Completeness: Owning 2 English bikes, then one might just work long enough to go for a ride
    Attractive Point: Using a motorbike to vainly try to pick up, or looking at how cool your reflection looks in a shop window before you drop the new toy!
  19. What a hoot! I went out for the day soon after I posted this thread, and when I came home it was off the main board, and I thought it had died, but you guys (and grrl, wanna take this over, you did good!!!??) made some great funnies!!!
    Okay, if I remember, we'll go for the Bs next Wednesday!