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Motorcycle maintenance manual

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Oldmaid, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. Okay queue the cat and then the pigeons and let them get amongst each other...
    Can anyone recommend a good allround hard copy motorcycle maintenance manual/book please? As you can see by my moniker I am old and female but very very handy with a tool (don't go there please). But I need pictures and steps to get there- I don't want to fcuk my lovely girl up or for eg. do something stupid with the chain and get to meet my mates in A&E on the wrong side of the admissions.
    I am waiting to get into a bike maintenance course but there are no current openings or any groups with anything on soonor on a weekeend soon nor within a reasonable distance ie. <100kms.
    My partner won't even help move the cars to let me get the bike out easily, so my chances of advice/help regarding anything in the way of mechanical help is buckleys and none.
    Thank you darlinks!

  2. I have always been a big fan of the correct OEM service manual (being a car enthusiast for 25yrs), until I bought a Kawasaki and I found a forum that has everything spelt out in a wiki with photos that I refer to for every aspect of the bike from brakes to chain to engine right down to trye selection (I have a 1987 model).
    I suggest either sticking with the correct manual for your particular model or finding a suitable forum/wiki.
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  3. Thanks TerrATerrA . I guess I wanted to be able to sit on the ground next to the bike with a nice well thumbed book that I can accidently walk on, sit on, drop tools on, without killing my ipad or the like or having to worry about flukey IT issues...
  4. Haynes make good manuals.
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  5. Can always print a pdf manual, then put in plastic sleeves in a folder
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  6. Thanks for the good tips everyone. Much appreciated!
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  7. assuming you have around a 2012 ninja 300..
    google searching for the "ninja 300 service manual Motorcyklar", one of the first links may a full service manual
    speedzonedirect also seems to have similar.

    print somewhere free, buy a pack of plastic sleeves (cheap at officeworks).. too easy
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  8. Thanks -I have a brand spanking new Ninja 300... Have only cleaned and lubed chain a couple of times now plus she had her 1000km service in October. Now just a tad under 2500 km now...so thinking that a few more bits should be tinkered with to keep my girl happy!
  9. Congratulations for having a go with tinkering with your new toy. What mods/extras have you got planned for it?
  10. Well not much as yet-I have put a Yoshimura pipe on her and she sounds pretty tasty now...had the front forks lowered ....now contemplating replacing the side mirrors and the grips.
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