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motorcycle maintenance course?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by lil_clair, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    planning to do a big ride from sydney - darwin - asia next year and no bugger all about bikes. i searched the forum for maintenance courses but couldnt find anything.
    does anyone know of any basic maintenance courses around sydney (eastern 'burbs- ish) or have any suggestions to get a bit of know how if something goes bung on a bike.

    thanks :)
  2. Thats quite a ride you're planning.

    What kind of stuff can you do, and what do you think you'll want to learn. Do you know the basics such as cleaning, adjusting and lubing chain properly? What bike do you have? Can you clean carbs and flush float bowls? How about changing spark plugs, engine oil, using a puncture repair kit, etc

    All of this can be taught to you by a fellow rider if theres someone nearby who might offer to show you. For me, the above would be the most important things to know, as much more serious than that, you wouldn't want to be doing at the side of the road unless you're a bit of a bush mechanic :) There are some tafe courses you can take for basic bike maintenance, try searching a bit more using 'search for ALL terms' in the search, might give you some more answers.
  3. Hi,

    Sounds like a fun trip.

    If you just want to read up on repair stuff try Dans MC or MC online - how to

    It won't replace actually doing it all yourself, but at least you'll get a lot of the theory. If you're lucky maybe someone will organise a spanner day in your area before your trip.
  4. Thanks for the links and ideas. those sites look really helpful.
    i havent even got a bike yet, looking at a few different ones. probably the trusty ol virago. i can service a pushy alright but a motorbike is another world. aint nothing to it but to do it i spose. maybe i oughta buy a POS and pull it apart and tinker away. its gonna be a massive ride and some might say im crazy being so inexperienced and all that, but its gotta be done. better to be out there living than sitting around envious of others who've done it.
    heres hoping for a spanner day in syd. (do they happen often?)
  5. Second one that I've heard of in the year that I've been around.

    Put your mind to it and you will succeed. Rosie has done some very respectable distances on her old virago, so it can be done. I'd read her threads and talk to her about it if I were you.
  6. thanks phiz,

    i'll check it out. any idea where i'll find her thread? i had a quick search couldnt find anything...
    only 3 days and counting...!

  7. And if you're serious, drop by your local tafe, and speak to the admin of the automotive section of your chosen tafe. See if they have a short course for your needs, or if another tafe has somthing similar. if it's an engine specific course, consider it, as while a car engine might look significantly different to a bike engine, the principles remain the same
  8. there was a guy that ran a 2 day course from Janalli TAFE, i did it and it's well worthwhile :) not sure if it still runs though :?
  9. thanks duff,

    i saw that course listed somewhere but wasnt sure if it was worth the drive. that sounds like the one then. is it expensive? its probably worth it tho.

    i found rosie's thread btw.

  10. It was only $90 from memory, but the course is run very infrequently. They teach you the basics - chain maintenance, oil & filter change, how to change brake pads & discs & fluid, how a carby works... all the fun but basic stuff. Day 1 is theory, day 2 was where you get to fiddle and play with your own bikes :) i got clip on handlebars put on my bike with the instructor's help
  11. thats cheap as. maybe if i get a few mates together theyll run it. i'll give em a ring. cheers for yr help.
  12. me too

    Any updates on this? I'm interested in attending this course (if available) as well.
  13. i'll give them a call and see if they are running it. if we have enuf numbers they can put it on. i have a few mates that want to do it. maybe we can ask for interest on NR?
  14. Buy a workshop manual, and in your spare time pull different parts off the bike. I think it might be more worthwhile to take something the locals will know - I know in Russia you try and buy a Ural and in India, an Enfield.

    What do you currently know how to do? Can you adjust/change a cam chain? Do the valves? Change the oil? Change a tyre and brake pads? Bleed brake lines? Do the piston and rings?

    Oddly enough, if you could find a ratshit WR250 you might able to learn pretty quick, just by neccesity you'll do the entire top end every so often. I think the ratshit bike purchase would be a good idea. A mate of mine got hold of a 1980 XL500 for this reason - he's practically a mechanic now!
  15. G'day all,

    Just wondering if there is anymore news on the maintenance course. Would be interested for sure, and have a few mates that would be in too.