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Motorcycle Maintenance Course in Brisbane?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Pobblebonk, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. [Disclaimer: I did a search and couldn't find anything]

    Just wondering if anyone has been to, or knows of any basic motorcycle maintenance courses around Brisbane? I would really like to attend one. Thank you in advance for your replies.

  2. TopRider in Boondall had a Maintenance Course on the 1st of December. Call them to see when the next one is being offered.


    The local tafe here offers a Motorcycle Maintenance Course. Doesn't looks like it's offered in QLD : (
  3. What parts of maintenance do you need to know? Most things are covered on this forum, Im sure other Brisbane Netriders would be happy to help you out.
  4. Thanks Ricetheif. I don't know anything about motorcycle maintenance really, so all of the above! LOL
  5. I guess it comes down to how far you want to go and how dirty you want to get your hands. I suspect a 3 hour course such as what toprider teaches would be the absolute basic such as:

    Lubing and Cleaning your chain - robslav has a good writeup on that
    Adjusting your chain
    Tyre pressure and inspecting tread and condition
    Brake inspection
    Clutch and Brake Cable Adjustment
    Air Filter Cleaning
    Inspecting hoses
    Engine Oil and Filter

    Id say that would be the most they could fit and a 3 hour workshop and would be a good start.

    Then you would look at things like valve clearances, spark plugs, carby sync, bearings (wheels and head stem), changing chains and sprockets, etc etc.

    So ultimately it comes down to how far you want to learn but i guess start and the basics first and see how far you want to go.
  6. Wow, I asked this exact thing a few months ago and got no response. Great to see that there's something.
  7. The question is what do you know how to do, and how much of the maintenance are you going to have the shop do?
  8. I basically want to be able to do all the basic stuff, I might go and visit some of the local shops and see if they'll show me a few things, if there's no courses around.
  9. You'll find them surprisingly unhelpful for the most part. Get yourself a haynes manual for your model, read it cover to cover, and try the simple stuff.
  10. yeah i doubt they will show you much but you can try. Get the service manual for your bike and read up on the basic things like oil changes. If you hav a friend that has done it before even better
  11. Thanks. I did my Qride course yesterday and they said that I could go into the shop and they'd show me the basic stuff if I wanted?

    Yeah, I met some people yesterday who were going for their unrestricted and my mates who ride should be able to show me.

    Thanks for your replies.
  12. I haven't heard of shops actually showing people how to do stuff unless you are paying for a course and even then it's very basic.
    Some q-ride places will run through the basics but it's not normally that hands on.

    What was listed before is very basic and a large number of experienced riders could show you.

    Have you found the service manual for your bike yet? If not, what is the year and model?
  13. You are their bread and butter, they won't tell you how to fix things, just how to tell if it's broken so you can bring it into them, unless you know the spanners personally they aren't going to tell you anything much that's useful.
  14. Well I went down to the shop that put a new front tyre on my bike [the standard tyre that came with it was a horrible tread!] and he showed me how to clean and lube the chain. So that's a start I guess.

    I'm riding a Sachs Express 150cc 2009 model [start giggling now].

    Yeah, probably not. The bike shop I am using aren't trying to rip me off though. They took a look at my back brake for me today and adjusted it for me for $20. And they put on the Michelin tyre for only $45 including fitting it. The Pro Motorcycles shop also in my area were going to charge me $75 for the tyre and $25 to fit it.
  15. Oh the plus side of a bike like that, you couldn't find much more of a simple bike to start getting into the mechanical side of.