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Motorcycle magazine articles - Your ideas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lance, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. Ok here is the go. I've been approched to write a few freelance articles for one of the bike mags. After chatting with the guys in charge they told me they want real life motorcycling stories and not the usual drivel about the lastest CBR, GSXR, BLAR BLAR BLAR. So Im looking for real life stories from real riders. They also want my stories to be more technical/mechanical based so Im putting the word out to ask what would you want to read in a bike mag?
    One idea I have at the moment is to run an article on buying a write off bike from the auctions and go through the whole proccess of buying, fixing then riding the bike to see if it does work out cheaper than buying one as is undamged. Another idea would be to run through some "how to do" basic maintainance and repairs. ie replace chain and sprockets, fork seals and other items that would either assist the reader if they wanted to do it or give them an insight into what happens when their bike goes into a workshop. Give me your feedback and ideas you have or what articles you'd like to read.


  2. What you have described would be great for a website (multi-media) etc.
    For mags. The major audience wants reviews on what they would love to buy and talk ups of the toys they have already bought.
    Might be dribble but it sells.
    Also, a lot of revenue for the magazine publishers comes from advertisers. Write up of new bikes get a plug fee as well!
    Aftermakert manufactures are usually also heavily featured.

    If you could integrate the above in real life stories, you might have something there!
  3. Have a traul through the Maintenance and Tech topics. There's more stories about mods, DIY and auctions than you could poke a stick at.

    You could alwo ask to drop in on a pro workshop for a day and see what goes on... we dont here much from that side in bike mags.
  4. Thats a very good one. Cheers.
  5. basic/adv maintenance, racing on/off track experience, road review, interesting riding skill
  6. Give me more details. When you say maintainance, what parts do you mean? Would you want to read an article on how to change oil and filter or do you want something more technical? Give me more detail in the answers please.
  7. I think I speak for a silent majority when I say that I like boobs and fart jokes.
  8. Why be silent? boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs boobs, fart.
  9. would be interesting if added by tips and trick not found in a manual, something come by experience

    That was brilliant, you had me at 'boobs' but then the fart was the icing on the cake!
  11. Thank you. Any ideas for the mag article?
  12. Yes, I'm also a freelance writer and my idea is to choose the best ideas from this thread and see if I can write faster than you... And I have MACROS for boobs and fart jokes. ;)

    Seriously, I reckon some of the best stuff I read comes from getting people in the industry talking... A mixture of some practical stuff and plenty of anecdotes, that's what I like. Anecdotes are a great way to bring the real world into an article. Think Cyril Green.
  13. Mate,it's easy. Lend your bike to Woodsy. Once he has ridden it upside down, do a piece on the repair process. Money for jam, I reckon.
  14. Who the fcuk is Cyril Green?
  15. Was he Edgar Jessop's team mate?
  16. I would like to see someone do a profile on a custom real world build, somethign like Edgelettes Hornet or the CX500 beast on a budget. Real world bikes not OCC crap!

    Riding bikes outside thier design, touring on a R1, track day on a fatboy, motocross on a postie etc, would be fun and you woudl get to break some bikes!

    Things like how to change oil or tighten a change are only a google away!

    Oh and a free bike for me would be cool. :grin:

    Oh and some farting boobs! :roll:
  17. Who the fcuk is Edgar Jessop?
  18. How do you guys rate a story on buying an old pile of crap off ebay and following the steps of getting it back to original condition?

    If an article like this ran for say 6 months in a mag would it make keep coming back to buy the next edition?
  19. He's a motorcycling legend! His most famous escapades centre around pubs on the Isle of Man at TT time, but he was pretty good on the track too. I'm surprised that anyone wanting to be a motorcycle journo wouldn't have a pretty good handle on the Jessop story.
  20. I dont know everything about motorcycling and Im not professing to either. Perhaps I should write something on starts of yesteryear? I also dont want to be a Journo. I've been approched by a mag to see if I want to write articles. They want the mechanic in me not the journo. Perhaps the guys have relised that some 'journos' can waffle on about nothing for pages so it's time to find some real life people to put together real life stories.

    Keep the ideas coming.