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Motorcycle Luggage

Discussion in 'Luggage' started by thedge, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. Hi All,
    I have just invested in a Biker'sFriend saddlebag. It is actually a bag roll using a large piece of pvc tube and putting a leather look finish on it.It also gives lumber support as well. It is also a bit pricey coming from usa, but I think it is worth it for the waterproof storage and lumber support. You can check it out at www.bikersfriend.com. I travelled a few hundred ks with them and it does support my back. The only thing to be careful with is the size. Their are three different diameters so you have to choose the one that is suited to your posture. The spare is amazing you can fit two full face helmets in the XL size. You can remove it in seconds and carry it with you. I will be fitting rack later and using it for my misses back support on the pillion seat. There are plenty of videos about it on the web.


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  2. Hi All,
    I went riding the weekend and covered about 500ks. The bag stay on the bike even at 120 plus speed and was very convenient space for all my camera gear.
  3. That looks good. I'm still on the hunt for something I can use of my bike (zero storage - am actually checking ebay right now). That looks to big, but gives me some ideas.
    Thanks for posting this (y)
  4. Ventura rack and bag, becomes a backpack when not on rack?
  5. Hi
    The bag is great for storage. You can get a medium basic one for $130.00 + postage. That is my next purchase.
  6. The VENTURA AERO SPADA BAG 51L looks ok, I guess these bags look kind of crusty after being in the sun after a few rides?
  7. Expect it to go from black to more of a purpley colour pretty quick on exposure to sunlight. They also leak in heavy rain.

    Of course the same is true for every other item of soft motorcycle luggage I've seen/used (though some at least have inbuilt rain covers so you don't arrive somewhere only to find all your "dry" clothes are actually wetter than what you're wearing).
  8. 2-3 garbage bags in a side pocket are your friend.
    Have ridden in torrential rain, snow and hail for a week, and whilst the bag leaked like a sieve, the gear inside the garbage bags stayed dry.

    The side pockets are also a good place to store a sidestand puck for when you stop.
  9. I might as well go for a hard top case, all soft luggage are pretty average, including Kriega. Might look into the Givi Trekker.
  10. Soft luggage isn't all that bad, I've been using the same Ventura bag for the last 6 years - at least 3 years of which it lived on the bike permanantly.
  11. would be very handy for transporting large pieces of pvc tube
  12. Won't use a Ventura rack and 51 liter bag again, rack only carries 9kg and I packed my bag so tight that it killed the stitching. Plus it weighed about 13kg so was worried it would kill the rack.

    Have now bought a tail bag, called Tour (something) and it just sits on the back of the sports bike plus I can also attach another bag to the top for more. Goes on really easily and very secure.
  13. God damn, it's hard finding a medium, Ventura annoy me with their "premium" +$50 if you don't buy their full kit. Are there any seat bags with decent capacities out there? I know there is the Kriega 30l but I need something that I can pack for a few days, towel, thongs and shoes, jumper etc which are light and can take up a lot of room.

    Is it a Tour-Pak?
    I don't mind this one. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TOUR-PAK...s=63&clkid=2469163607101050861#ht_1378wt_1159
  14. Can't get the link to work , but if it is the 51-52 litre pack, yes that is it. Same litre size as the biggest Ventura bag.

    Will be using this with another bag strapped to the top if I need extra for a 12 day trip.

    Got mine from AMX and think it was cheaper than what you would pay on ebay plus postage.

    Sits really well on the back and will not move, plus I should be able to swing my leg over it when getting on. :)
  15. Yeah it's kind of an upside down U shape.. Would love to see one in person so I can see how much I can fit in there.

  16. Slighty OT but does anyone know if/where I can get a replacement tensioning strap for a Gearsack strap ; its the rubber one with the big metal hook that tensions the bag onto the rack.

    I have a second-hand bag and the rubber snapped around the metal link when I put too much strain on it!
  17. You'd want to be careful how close to your pipes that one got. I learnt the hard way about that in the middle of nowhere in Tassie.
  18. My pipe is all the way down under the bottom of the bike so no worries for me.

    But yes if they were out to the side under the pillion seat it would get hot.
  19. Sweet as then. I was riding a GS650 and the pipes are too high on that bike. I ended up melting a $150 bag, all my toiletries and a really nice set of portable JBL speakers. When I returned to Melbourne before setting off again to the west coast I ditched about 60% of the crap I originally took with me.
  20. Oh well Tour Pak is a disappointment, there is no way of inspecting the bag, won't be purchasing on a hunch.

    I like the duffel bag setup, anyone have experience with Wolfman? Been looking at The Ridgeline Plus.