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Motorcycle Ls and Full C class whats the go with points

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by SJPJ1982, May 31, 2010.

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  1. Hi there,

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I have searched all over the net and cant get a answer.](*,)

    I have just got my R LRN, and have had a C license for 12 years.

    Now I know the R LRN only has 4 points, and my C has 12.

    My question is this, are the points managed separately?? For example, if I accured 6 points in 12 months driving, would I lose my R LRN? Or are the bike points seperate to the car points?

    Thanks for your time

  2. Im in NSW btw
  3. It's all one licence. 4 pts on bike and 12 on car. So if you lose 6 points you lose your bike and 6 points remaining on car.
  4. Not true - seperate points balances that are depleted according to which class of vehicle caused the offence. You could lose 6 points in a C class without losing the learner R endorsement...
  5. +1 Miraz

    But you can lose 6 points on the bike, and lose both.
  6. That is correct.

    Here's a question for you though, spent 30 minutes at the RTA trying to have it answered.

    P2 Car License, obtained before I received my Full Motorbike license.

    Now, which restrictions apply to each?

    There is nothing in the rules stating you are not subject to the conditions each of license while operating the other vehicle.

    Nor is there anything stating whether I'm allowed to do 110 or have < .05 alcohol.
  7. ^^^ really? back when, my licence stated on it the licence class C P2, R P1. I think that is quite indicative of what restrictions apply to what.
  8. Yeh the licences share the same point. Im only my full car licence and got accrued 4 points of my red P bike licence. got suspended on the bike licence but can still drive with 8 points left on the car licence.
  9. Yep, current laws (at least down here in Tassie, which have just come in line with mainland laws) is that if you lose enough points in your car, you lose your bike licence first. Absolutely bloody ridiculous if you ask me. If I lose points on the bike, fair enough, but to lose my bike licence when I've got a full car licence if I offend in the car is completely stupid. And annoys the sh1t out of me.. you might have noticed... If I didn't min the fact I could lose my bike licence I'd love to fight this one.

    Either the points are linked then I should have 12 regardless of mose of transport, or they're not, then I have 4 on the bike, and 12 in the car, and they are separate points. They can't go "well, they're linked, but only if you do something wrong, if you want any benefit out of having a full licence then no, sorry, they're separate".

Thread Status:
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