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Motorcycle Light Bulb Moments

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by 99CIBBER, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. No this thread isn't about globes. It's about positive learning experiences! Last night riding home I had a light bulb moment. For a while I felt like I wasn't quite tipping in as well as I should into corners. SO I decided to really focus on a more positive/quicker push on the bars entering corners. Well, I felt an extraordinary improvement and new found confidence. Such a small correction and such a big result. So what are your light bulb moments in the learning process? Let's hear 'em.

  2. looking through corners
    holding onto the tank instead of the bars
    rearbrake at low speeds
    looking at the horizon when coming to a stop (helps with stability a LOT and avoids those awkward moments when you look like a newbie when you wobble around at the lights)

    there's eventually a moment where you realise you're doing it right :D it's awesome. still have a long way to go for perfection though :p
  3. Lightbulb moment - Staying out wide in a corner before turning in....not mastered it yet but its getting better.
  4. Good stuff.

    LBM - Constant throttle in a corner. The bike felt so stable and I felt in control. I remember feeling like the bike seemed to flow around the corner more easily.
  5. i haven't actually had any whilst one the bike... not any massive ones anyway. Mostly i've just jumped on the bike one day and felt really good, really in touch with the bike and found that I could do something I couldn't before and then retain those skills for the next day.

    Sometimes I haven't been able to do something two days in a row but eventually i have another good day.

    Its a great feeling :D
  6. Years ago, when headlights used to be glass, pale and there was rarely more than one of them, I swapped the standard 60/55W globe for 130/90W (Halogen H4).

    That was a huge revelation.
  7. Realising i'd gotten bored on the freeway, implying confidence i didn't realise I had~
  8. It's probably been said many times before, but learning to hold my bike with my legs and more or less use the handle bars as a rest for my hands has made me much more relaxed while riding.
  9. Having the correct pressure in the tyres.
  10. Having new tyres fitted after riding on a completely squared off rear.
  11. -Actually having fork oil in a grey import 250 dramatically improves handling.
    -Fresh brake fluid does make a difference.
    -It's easier to replace rubber hoses before they split.
    -Rusty screws/bolts should be left alone unless you have a new replacement, and a means of extracting ones with a stripped head.

    As for riding, I dunno what I can add. Spent most of my time on L's worrying more about what was going to be next to fall off or break. :LOL:
  12. shit!, I'm crashing!, wherein, a whole new instinct kicked in - lose speed, lose speed - reduce the impact stregth as much as possible.

    THAT wasn't quite an epiphany, as it wa a defining moment because I haven't had that feeling for many years!