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Motorcycle Lifts

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Gurbachen, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hi there, I just wondered if you thought this item would be suitable for working on/cleaning my bike? I don't know if it's intended to hold the bike for extended periods or if it's just for moving it around or something. They have bench style ones for $450-600, but if this thing would work I'd rather not spend that much. Opinions appreciated

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  2. Thanks for posting this. I'm interested to know as well.

    I just bought a Z750, and was thinking I would need to buy swing-arm spools/bobbins. This Lift may be just what the doctor ordered, plus I can swing it around easily within confined space.
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  3. This is a better idea for not much more

  4. I'm looking for a fair bit more lift than that. Maybe my initial question was a little vague, but I was hoping for something suitable for working on/cleaning my bike, not moving it around. That thing looks like it only lifts about 10-20 cents, the one I linked lifts 50cm and the benches they sell do 70. Plus my bike is most definitely not in the compatibility list for the Bursig :p
  5. i have a radum lifter. different model to your pic. was only $140 and had a bigger lift capacity 1500 lb and a broader lifting base so more stable. well made product and efficient supplier. it is stable and lifts easily and can be moved. that angle thingie that hooks on the axle might suit you. no hydrolics and no movement and much cheaper.
  6. have you checked their site? I bought a paddock stand from Radum, they have a large offering of stands/lifts.. paddock stand was $55 plus gst, considering aldi's was 45 or 50? This is quality!!
  7. Yeah I've looked on the site, but even if you manage to figure out where the lifts are, most of them have no details whatsoever.
  8. get hold of a Ulyssus mag - radum have a full page ad with pictures