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Motorcycle lift

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mr Messy, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Hey guys!
    As im tooling up to do all my own maintenance gradually, ive reached the point where i need to either get a nice set of paddock stands or a motorcycle lift.
    Ive had a look at www.oneup.com.au and www.radum.com.au, and while it all looks nice and shiny ive no idea what is any good. I had kaneg stands before but i figure by the time i pay a couple hundred bucks for stands i might as well start looking at a lift.

    Anyone have experience with them and can recommend me a brand/design that lifts and also supports while i take wheels off etc?

    one up example, although im sure its just fine, looks like something id be afraid to have holding $20k of bike and mods...

    radum well, i just dont know what im looking at :p
  2. Almost every bike shop I have worked at has at least one lift out the back that is shagged.
    If your any good with hydraulics................most could be had with a sly case of beer to the service manager
  3. I've got one of the radum atv type lifts under the harley, picked it up from K-kart for about $60 from memory, works on the drz400 as well.
    Little brother has what i think is a big blue from the other mob under his harley..
  4. I have something like this http://radum.com.au/catalog/popup_image.php?pID=6549 (not same brand). There a great to wrk with. These would work better then the 1st link you put in with faired bikes.
    Only issue I have with this style is the front wheel clamp system. unless you pre set the clamp just a centimetre away from your wheels you will need someone to hold your bike while you while you clamp your wheel or use the rear stand to lift the bike.
    With part of the ramp comming off as well they can be put to the side of the garage and not take up much space. So far we know the bike holds a 98 thunderbird, daytona and 650RL ninja so they take the weight just fine.
  5. one shop i worked at made there one it was just a plate metal table with a plate metal ramp it worked fine to work on and there where a lot cheper then buying one
  6. i use a home made table with a ramp ,when not in use i stand it up against the wall out of the way
  7. Hmm all pretty tempting lol. Definitely the hydraulic lifts in so far as my poor back not being fit for truly manual labour (hence wanting the bike off the ground to do it!).
    Might stop by the workshop in town and see what they do too to put things in perspective.
  8. Something you may want to consider, going along the pathof the metal plate scenario, if you have or can find a couple of coffee tables made of sturdy consruction, all you'd need is a ramp to ride the bike onto the table/s
    The radum lift bike's good tho, you got a local supplier up there? I know they have an outlet here in sunny melb.
  9. Nah but conveniently enough im considering buying a car in melb week after next and road tripping back up here - might fit one in the boot unless it comes prebuilt lol.
  10. What's something like that worth ?
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  11. about five hunge
  12. I've got plenty of stands, but real work on the bike means LIFTING IT!!!!
    So I'm building my own! :D

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  13. that don't look safe to me:D

    but when your done should make up some rough plans and post them
  14. That's day 1
    Still have the braces on the legs, top & base to go :)

    Saw this set of plans on the net. (they charge $30 to DL an e-book)
    Decided why buy it, it can't be too hard going from the pics!!!
  15. http://ibbikelifts.biz/14-bike-lift.html
    Just saw that one down in newie too.
    Might just accept that im better off getting one that works off the frame, and accept that i have to take the fairings off if i want to lift the bike - lets face it, if im lifting it for anything theres a fair chance i want the fairings out of the way anyway.
  16. you should have and then shared it out on here
  17. $395!!! I think I'll go into making them!!! Might make a dollar or two!
    I've seen these type on special @ Repco for around $150 (Taiwanese)
    Those type of lifts are generally fine for cruisers as they usually have the frame running as two tubes along the underside of the bike.
    Most other bikes don't!
    The same site has plans for making a similar lift to this one.

    Myself, when I work on the bike, I want it higher than these can lift.
    Sick of laying down to change the oil & kneeling to remove wheels etc.
  18. yeah but you go too high and you hit the roof mate used his dad's lift in there garage and his dad Harley only just fit so he put his dt175 on it now there a set of handle bar's in the roof and a some of his dads foot up his ass
  19. Yeah i hear ya mate.
    Precisely the reason i want to lift it, id rather work while on a comfy chair!