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Motorcycle Lesson #7

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. I was riding out to La Trobe Uni half an hour ago (from Carlton), to get a book. I was angry over a dodgy sharehouse issue, watching the burning emotion go through me, but in a detached meditative way and so riding safely. Near Ivanhoe three lanes converged into two. The traffic was congested and I gently braked, in a normal way, to let a guy in front of me from the converging lane. A normal move in traffic. Suddenly a white van behind me, whose driver obviously doesn't like courtesy, got on the horn over it. Well I was a little pissed already, so whereas as usually I treat such people as so much hot air and ignore them, I gave this guy the finger, he was so outright rude. Mistake! I heard his engine and pulled on my throttle an instant later. He was almost rear-ending me, trying, it seems, to drive me off the road. I made the little 185 sing, as I weaved through the cars. The congestion was good: I could put barriers between us. But no, they were no barrier to him: I heard cars swerving and honking as he powered after me. The lights turned red up front which caused the gaps to close enough that I got ahead at the front while he got stuck behind, and I could plan an escape route before the lights changed again. But I heard a noise and looked in my rear-view to see him, an ugly great wife-beating hulk, running at me on foot and screaming something! The lights were red, but I pulled on the throttle and was away, unfortunately into a street with no traffic. I was doing 80 or 90 in a 60km zone. I looked back, the lights had changed and the traffic was moving, but he didn't seem to be following. I hid in a depot of some sort, behind a brick wall, and calmed down and waited, and then decided to return by that same route, as he'd either headed on, or had gone the other way to catch me head on. As I pulled up at the intersection I'd done the red lights through, there was a servo on the corner. A white van was sitting there, and its motor roared into life. I opened the throttle again, sped on the inside of the wrong side of the road as the green lights came on, did a right turn in front of traffic, and weaved through congestion. I know not if it was him, but I saw no more of the van. Suffice to say, it was a nervous ride home.

    Motorcycle lesson #7
    "There is no such thing as justice on the road, only survival"
    Explanation: If you want to communicate to a clearly angry and aggressive driver that what their behaviour just isn't right, understand that you are waving a red flag! Rise above it like the so many gusts of hot air that mean nothing.

  2. Damn dude, if you didn't pull the throttle you could have had a brand new bike!

    ...And some injuries.

    But hey, new bike!
  3. Similar happened to me last week. I can only say i hear your fustration. I am not sure if i am more fustrated that we didnt have an opportunity to discuss it up close, on foot. Or that it happened at all...
  4. A new bike??!! :eek: This was the Exciter's great test, the moment it really counted, and she proved herself a little road warrior. I'll now feel more sorry than ever when passing her on (but yeh, a new bike, with more power to put distance between me and great roaring psychopaths :twisted: )

    Perhap, Jimmy, you should have had my fellow: he wanted to discuss it on foot! I didn't!! :LOL:
  5. Don't worry. One day he'll do it the the wrong person and get the living shit kicked out of him. :cool:

    Hells Angels club house is near there, let's hope he doesn't discriminate... :LOL:
  6. If he doesn't die of a burning stomach ulcer, or spontaneous combustion, before then! :grin: Poor chap :)
  7. Holy crap man, what a psycho!
    Waiting for you at the servo... :shock:
    That's nuts!

    I'll try to learn from your lesson and try to keep myself under control if such a situation should occur to me.
    If that doesn't work... run for it. Though if i'm in such a mood i'd be tempted to stand my ground and deck him... but probably still wisest to run.

    Glad to hear you survived, though a little shaken understandably.
  8. \:D/ :popcorn:
  9. You've gotta admire the blind stupidity of a doofus driver running up and threatening to punch on with a motorcyclist wearing a helmet and, often, gloves with dirty big plastic or metal knuckle guards on them.

    The anger and ulcers suffered by road ragers... They must see life through shit coloured glasses eh?

    Then again, I get pretty narky if I have to sit in a car in traffic for any length of time.
  10. what a maniac!!! glad you got away ok!
  11. what a wanker !! ..... im sure theres a movie out there with that as the plot .... if there isnt there should be ......con the fruiterer goes banannas ??
  12. next time try and get his plates and report him to the cops to make sure he doesnt do it to someone else
  13. Hi,

    I learned a lesson a similar way, this time in a car when I got chased by a guy with his wife and kids on a freeway in the UK. We were doing over a ton, he followed me wherever I went (and this was opposite to the way I think he was intending to go), got in front of me and proceeded to brake test me for a few miles. If you don't know, in the UK, freeway traffic belts along. Best not to be in a lane doing 20mph when everyone else is doing 80!

    After that, I learned to keep my feelings to myself...there are people out there for whom human life has no value...

  14. Great lesson to teach the kids! Wonder how they'll react when they're 'grown up'?

    We had a neighbour in Brunswick who'd absolutely bawl at his sisters/daughters. A constant ball of rage! One day he physically attacked my housemate for parking in the spot on the street where he preferred to park. What a strange world these people inhabit. Living in places like Brunswick and Northcote for a long time, where there are a lot of such people, at least on the roads, and so I'd see it constantly, I just could never understand it. The moment I get angry it's (most times) like I also get struck by the reality of this other person in front of me (even if we're seperated by a cage) or by the relativity and ultimate insignificance of it all. It's like some people have no natural capacity for perspective when the anger kicks in. I'd love to read some personal accounts of the experience of road ragers themselves (those who can introspect and get clarity on the situation). Any body read any? My brother, while driving, had a guy 'rage' at him, and knock his mirror off. When the cops approached the guy at home, he admitted it, was apologetic, and paid for damages immediately. He said he just didn't know why he did it, or what came over him.

    The scary thing is that there's something about the road environment which is causing us to loose our manners, and to abstract other road users to the point where we can attempt grevious bodily harm on them, as though in a video clip.
  15. Wow, scary stuff.

    Saw something similar happen near my house a couple years back. Some yobo gets out of his van and abuses a lady in the car in front of him, all the while banging on her window. Looked like he wanted to hurt her.
    As I was contemplating getting out of my car and stepping in (no, really, I was!), two dudes from another car got out and basically throw the yobo back into his van.

    So there is justice on the road :)
  16. Honestly, if that EVER happened to me, and I was in a car, I would PIT maneuver them.
  17. San Andreas reference?
  18. PIT = Pursuit Interception Tactic

    Get the nose of the car level with their rear wheel, turn into their car nice and tight and punch the accelerator as hard as you can. It will spin the lead car out while you pretty much go right ahead. As soon as their spin starts seriously, you straighten your steering, and brake.

    If done properly, it will do minimal damage to your car - some light scratching, if that. Depends on what parts touch and what the speed differential is. Got a metal bumper bar and you'd likely just need to buff out the marks, and that'd be only evidence.
  19. Same with cars blocking the road - aim for either wheel and spin it out of the way.

    And doing it in reverse (as if) has less chance of wrecking your transmission. So I've heard.
  20. Remember. Helmet, armored jacket, boots and carbon fibre knuckles = teh win should it ever come to it. A shame there are physchos like this on the road :(