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Motorcycle jargon and nicknames.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrRyannnnnnnn, May 12, 2010.

  1. This thread is dedicated to Motorcycling jargon and weird names that only we can understand lol.

    May I start? zook, twisties, kawaka, hyoflung, hyodung gt650aRse, suzi, gixxer. etc

    feel free to add more random names and jargon you have heard of in the motorcycling world.
  2. :eek:wned::newb:
  3. awight then....

    'Left glove First'
  4. Take the bait...TAKE THE BAIT!!
  5. I've recently heard the term 'Squid'. Could someone explain?

    Too cold here for riding, so this type of thread is my oxygen for the mo. Please bear with me folks!
  6. n00b is a widely used term for various different hobbies and applications. So doesn't apply just to here.
    ATGATT is a term I had to search for to figure out.

    Sissy. :p
  7. Tractor
  8. BMW right? :p
  9. Tractor is a harley
  10. Duc(Homo)ati(Faggot).
  11. Comeandsuckme = Kawasaki
  12. Wow

    Just..... Wow.
  13. lol n00b
  14. Wash your mouth out or we'll send Hans after you!:evil:

  15. super retard >

    a trail bike modified for road use.

    going full retard > includes 17 inch wheels and fat sticky tires.

    (meant as an expression of endearment, i love tards)
  16. Leadwing = Honda Goldwing
    Dead Cat = Ducati
    Fergie = Harley
    Who Flung Dung = Hyosung
    Tupperware Torpedo = Jap Bike