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NSW Motorcycle jack & tyre removal/fitting tools

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by JustCruisin, Aug 26, 2015.

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  1. Hi there. I recently replaced a tube on my rear tyre that took 30 minutes to remove off the bike as well as my front tyre needing a replacement very soon. A month later, I was riding back home from a 1-day course & my rear tyre got punctured (I wish it was the front tyre, that one needed replacing anyway) so now I have to buy a set of tyres & tubes for both the front & rear. I am unemployed & have not found a job in two months (still trying though) so I am trying to limit the spending to just the tyres & tubes needed for the replacement on my rims.

    Long story short, I was wondering if anyone within a 30km radius of postcode 2116 would be kind enough to lend me a motorcycle jack & some tools to help remove & fit a motorcycle tyre onto a rim easier. If you can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated. Of course, I can give you my full details & if you like, some sort of collateral to ensure you that I won't take away your belongings. If anyone can help lend me the items I'm after, please send me a private message. Cheers.

  2. When do you need them? I've got some tyre irons/levers you can borrow. I've also got those thingys that you put on the rim to help the bead sit properly (don't know what they're called).
  3. Not immediately. I posted this thinking that it would take time to find someone who will actually help out but wowee that was quick of you. I can keep in touch with you & let you know when I have the tyres & tubes for my motorcycle. Would you by any chance have a motorcycle jack aswell & do you actually live at Scotland Island?
  4. No jack, sorry and yes I do actually live on Scotland Island.
  5. It is 40km out of my way but nonetheless, I am still thankful for your help. I will still consider you as I'm not needing them immediately until I find the tube & tyre set & buy them but if someone else can offer me both things & are closer before I reach you, thank you anyways.
  6. I could help you out, but I'm much further away from postcode 2116 than you specced. LOL

    One name for them is bead buddy, and I wish I had some. Can I come use yours if I have a need? Will save me having to buy my own. :D:D
  7. If you can get your wheels out to Blacktown, Team Moto will fit new tyres for free.Their prices are hard to beat.
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  8. Will give them a call tomorrow to see if they have the tyre I'm after. Until then, I'm still looking for the required tools. Thanks.
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