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NSW motorcycle interview

Discussion in 'Employment' started by rat man407, Feb 10, 2013.

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  1. i have an interview at a bike shop tomorrow for an apprenticeship and was wondering if anybody had any tip and hint that might help me get it

  2. In general prepare yourself for questions you might be asked. Why you want the job, why they should choose you, your past jobs/experiences etc. Just Google job interview questions and you should get a few.

    Then ask yourself basic motorcycling/mechanical questions. What 4 stroke is vs what 2 stroke, the role of oil in an engine as well as other fluids, how brake systems work etc. They're not going to expect you to know everything but its reasonable for them to expect you to know basic mechanical systems, plus it also shows you are interested in what the job involves.

    Just relax and be yourself. You'll do yourself no favours being someone your not. Be polite, calm and interested/keen. Body language is important.

    Finally, prepare yourself. Have paperwork needed, licenses, certificates and just be ready. Show up 5-10 minutes before they need you etc.

    Hope this helps mate :)
  3. perhaps if your asked what your hobbies are you can talk about your experience and passion around building and using the reprap machines ? I have no idea in reality but they might appreciate the fact that you already take great passion mechanical minded subjects and this job will just be a further extension of that to you ?
  4. How'd it go?
  5. turn out it was more of a paper interview
    hope i did good but fcuk me i did not see the point in some of the questions

    the main one that got me was:

    write 75-100 words on the impact of social media on today's teenagers
    my frist thought was what the fcuk has that got to do with working in a bike shop
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  6. Dude.. social media is how people vent these days. Screw up a job and the world knows about it instantly. It can also be used to spread good news too though - eg. Like our work? Like us on facebook :)

    Good luck with the job - I hope you went well in the interview, and that things work out for you :)
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  7. yeah so do i
    but still for them to ask that question in the application i find it wired like i know it is everywhere but still never had to write an essay for a job app either lol
  8. Hey! Calm down homie.

    75-100 words isn't even an intro for a typical essay. :ROFLMAO:
  9. My guess it's the "essay" is just a test to see if you're not an over opinionated crack pot.
  10. Its more likely that they want to know if you can write the queens english. Ive heard thats an issue these days. exam perfect 10.
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  11. lol i know but still lol
  12. you guys think i should email them and ask what is happening
  13. Yep. Send a clear email explaining the steps you've done so far and asking what they expect the next step will be and when that would happen. eg I'm rat man and I am currently applying for the job position at the place. On some date I filled in the application form/ interview for this role. Can you please tell me the next step(s) in the process and give an indication of when these are likely to take place?
  14. gave them an email basically said there still interviewing and then going to get a few in for a trail so hopefully i'm one of them
  15. I hated these parts of the interviews :( just he waiting and waiting and hoping for a call. Now sometimes I wish I never answered that call hahahaha

    In all seriousness, good luck ;)
  16. lol thanks mate
  17. This kind of question is also designed to gauge general intelligence: Can you express yourself clearly and logically? Can you support an argument? Can you use grammar correctly, etc.? In most cases, employers in all fields will be interested in this sort of thing in addition to job-specific skills.
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