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Motorcycle Insurance - Western QBE

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Kaer, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. Just got the monster insured with Western QBE.

    No idea about claims, etc, but here's the stuff they do discount on.

    5% discount if member of a riding club.
    5% discount if you ride under 8,000km a year. (which I def go over :) )
    10% discount for named riders + any licensed mechanic.

    Also the base quote was about $400 cheaper than any of their competitors.
    $350 excess.

    I also checked on their policy of "If you leave it unlocked in a public place you are not covered". As long as the keys aren't in the ignition you are covered for theft.
  2. Sounds sweet Kaer, they'll be my first call before I pick up my bike.

  3. Oh, and they also didn't check how long I had my license like the others. Only how old I was. They did check I had my full, not P's though.
  4. Yes I've gotten a quote from them too, they sound quite competitive. I've also been recommended to have a talk to Swann, apparently they handle claims very well?
  5. Yeah i'm organising insurance thru them. Much cheaper than the others, especially since I'm a learner.
  6. I got a great deal from Swann, but it was more to do with the rep, who went the extra mile for me when the other guys wouldn't. My advice is keep asking around and geting loads of quotes and something will jump out at you.
  7. Western QBE will be on my list to call for insurance renewal now.
  8. I'm with Western QBE, haven't had to claim, but their rates can't be beat, esp if you're over 55 :D:
  9. yeah they may be cheap, but when i made a no fault claim on my car policy, they were farking useless, and took forever to pay up... had to chase them and chase them..... never again, would rather pay a bit more and use companies i know (family and friends) have used and paid up when required and less hassle

    thats just my experience, with the company and my 2 cents worth
  10. In that case I hope the bike division is better. Hopefully I won't have to find out!
  11. don't know about the bikes dept. but i know the people looking after the car section couldn't organise a root in a brothel :evil:
  12. Thanks for the confidence-builder!!!
    I guess one of the problems with all this is, if I have no claim this year, I'll renew, but if they are really hopeless, it might be years before I find out, and I'd have been funding their incompetence..... wait a minute, that's a bit like taxes.... ooops, shouldn't start that should I?????
  13. TOO LATE!!!
  14. Yeah, I used to have both bike & car insured with them, but they were useless when I had my car broken into, so I didn't renew with them - also when my bike renewal came up, I changed over to Swann.
  15. glad i not the only one that thinks that
  16. Every tom, dick and harry has a horror story about every single insurance company in Australia, and remember they're (the insurance companies) all in it to make money.

    From my own personal experience I had no issues with Western QBE when I had my off a few years ago. I was run of the road by a 4WD and came down at 90km/hr and my bike was unrideable. They trailered it back to my dealer from Licola (about 2.5hrs from Melbourne) for no cost and started repairs immediately without any issues. 2 weeks after I had collected the bike they rang me to ask if I was happy with the service, which I was.

  17. Know of 2 guys who had to claim with QBE. One was his fault, low slide. Bike was a writeoff (frame damage). QBE paid out with no issues. He even kept his NCB as he paid extra to keep it.

    Other was another drivers fault. Again no issues.

    If NRMA was within a couple of hundred, I would have gone with them, just for their no fuss policy. Their quote was $1900. $1100 more than Western QBE.

    I specificially checked with them when I called them up about their policy for bikes in public places. Their PDS says they won't cover you for theft for a bike unlocked in a public place.

    They said unless you have left the key in the ignition, you are covered for theft.

    I then checked what would happen if you left the bike outside your house instead of putting it in the garage. In this case you won't be covered, as it's seen as encouriging theft.
  18. For those that are interested.

    Exact details of my policy.

    Age 27.
    1 speeding ticket in last 3 years.
    No insurance claims in last 5.
    $10,000 2004 Ducati Monster 620
    Garaged in a lock-up garage.
    Used more than 8,000 km a year.

    5% discount for being in a riders club (HRCA).
    10% for myself being only rider.

    Insurance cost $831 for fully comp. $350 excess. No extra theft excess.

    The next cheapest was swan, which was $1200.