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Motorcycle insurance companies - Listing - please add.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. Rightio folks, let's get a word of mouth listing of motorcycle insurance companies - including links and contact details and any special requirements/limitations they have.

    If you have specific comments/experience about their claim procedure or positioning in the market, keep it succint, or else this will turn into an insurance bashing thread. I'll move those posts elsewhere.

    From your input, I'll cobble together a sticky for this section and maybe expand the list NR already has located here: https://netrider.net.au/linksdir/view.php?cid=49.

    The information below is from my own general knowledge and is likely to be flawed - but here's a grab bag of insurance crowds I know of:

    Insure my ride
    (General motorcycle insurance. I know nothing more about them)

    (General motorcycle insurance - seem to be the main competitor against QBE. There are no limitations as far as I'm aware - they just keep upping the premium or excess. Can't recall if they cover gear.)

    (General motorycle insurance - seem to be the main competitor for Swann. There are no limitation as far as I'm aware... just keep upping the premium or excess. They do have accessories and gear cover included.)

    (Arista are the underwriters and I think they specialise in over 40 yo motorcyclists with impeccable infringement records... or that could be AC Friths or some such. I do recall though, that if you've had 3 or more infringements in 5 years they wont touch you.)

    (Specialist in unique/modified/show motorcycle insurance - they dabbled in general MC insurance for a while, but I'm not sure they're doing that anymore. They have lots of flexible/not so flexible restrictions but wont insure someone with a total loss in the last 5 years. $3000 gear cover, any at fault claim results in a drop in two NCB ratings, will protect NCB rating if transferring over to them from another crowd if you have no more than one at fault claim per year...)


    I know nothing about these guys

    Who else, or what else can you add to the general commentary??
  2. Swann is Agreed Value QBE is Market value I believe on standard policies. I am happy to be corrected if that is not the case :)
  3. Eight mobs?
  4. They can do either.
  5. To the best of my knowledge, swann aren't interested in your driving history aside from accidents (happy to be corrected on this one).

    Covers gear up to 3k per year (at most 1k for an individual item) but helmet cover stops at $500, and another 1k for personal belongings. 400 standard excess, 400 age and 200 license excess (which ONLY applies to learners).
  6. Helmet cover stops at $500, that's sad.
  7. Is that it, 8 crowds?
  8. Got a friend with Allianz - 340 per quarter for a ninja 250r, 25yo male learners permit clean record.

    No clue about cover, but there's your 9.
  9. RACV

    and QBE offer NR discounts
  10.  Top
  11. No idea Rob :|

    I'll have to find out.
  12. Here you go.

    List of Financial Ombudsman Service members (who provide motorcycle cover):

    AAMI 13 22 44
    Arista 1300 886 029

    CGU 13 29 42

    Cyclecover (for your bike Rob) :p (Underwritten by QBE)
    1300 733 055

    Famous Insurance (Underwritten by Calliden)
    1300 886 029

    Insure My Ride (Underwritten by Australian Alliance)
    13 24 53

    Jardines Lloyd Thompson
    1300 655 931

    132 132

    RAC (WA)
    13 17 03

    13 7228

    Ryno Insurance Services (Underwritten by Lloyd's )
    1300 650 670

    SGIC (S.A)
    133 233

    SGIO (W.A)
    133 233

    13 46 46

    13 11 55

    Swann Insurance
    1300 307 926

    Western QBE
    1300 762 885
  13. Just been declined by Famous and QBE because of on-street parking for a Daytona. Famous also said they couldn't insure "that type of bike for daily commuting." WTF?

    That said, I've had bikes covered by QBE on-street before, so I'm guessing it's about the value/desireability of the bike in question over my old GPX or K1 GSXR.
  14. Shannons and IMR have some stiff exclusions - including no licence suspensions/cancellations within 5 years. IMR have a ripper, no criminal convictions within the last 5 years... surely there are some convictions which make no difference to insurance risk...?
  15. Nah, I'm pretty sure they won't do any on street bikes.
  16. I tried Allianz and was told they had no motorcycle insurance products. I would have liked to use them since I have the car and house with them.
  17. I'm with Arista (Famous), and my Daytona 675 is insured for daily riding... I lost my licence last year and they didn't care either, if any of that helps.
  18. Maybe I got the quote when the GSXR was carported...

    They also had an issue with on-street, but might call them anyway.

    Thanks guys.