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VIC Motorcycle instructor

Discussion in 'Employment' started by blackadder, Mar 1, 2013.

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  1. Just saw this job ad and thought someone here might be interested...

    RE The bolded part: Well that rules out anyone who can ride? Hahahahaha, just being cheeky don't get worked up OK NR

    Seriously, why does it have to be "CLEAN"? I have everything else except this... Zz..

  2. No tickets usually means they have some sense. Lots want to play instructor, and very few have the patients for it.
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  3. They have made the point that only the training certificate is mandatory meaning they might be negotiable on some of the others.

    Depending on what your previous indiscretions are maybe you could still apply.

    Worth a shot if you want the job.
  4. No good to me. Looked good for a minute there but they mostly work weekends and that's when the racing is on....

    Kobo :cool:
  5. worth applying for blackadder, the casual work part of it would be where your patience need be, you'd be giving up great riding weather!!
  6. Well, if you've got 11 points & need an m/c license for work, it's kind of a no brainer...

    Me, I have almost 1 year with no fines :)

    in victoria...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.