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Motorcycle inflatable air vest (not airbags)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Lectre, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Once many moons ago I saw a show which displayed a japanese invention which essentially was a safety vest for motorcycle riders, which when triggered inflated at phenomanal speeds when the "chord' (which is attached to the bike and vest) was pulled; similar to car airbags. They even had a video of some crazy dude ramming into various cars and stuff (it looked like it was straight out of the "tokyo shock boys"). I thought this was a great idea, except that if you forgot to disconnect the chord after riding your bike, you'd end up doing the michelen man immitation (one can imagine pulling up at a shopping center, getting off the bike then "BANG", you're looking like a marshmellow).
    The following invention seems to have solved this though... It's an old article and I wouldn't be surprised if it's been posted here already, but it's worthy of a look IMHO.


  2. Much better than the old style inflatable jackets, btu I have one reservation with it. It's triggered by sudden deceleration (10G's i think). So if you run into something it's going to go off. What happens if you high side it goign round a corner or get slammed up the arse at lights?? It's not going to go off is it??
  3. Very true Pete... I think it's on the right path though. If they inverted it so let's say the bike all the sudden accelerated at 12G's then that could handle the rear end thing... Maybe lean angle could determine side impact.
    With the end result being such an improvement in safety, surely they can't give up on it at this stage in development.

    personally i think that the instant foam thing from that cheesy movie "Demolition Man" (where Sly rams his car into a fountain and gets encased in the stuff) would be an interesting development for both cars and bikes (and vandalising teenagers as well)
  4. How dare you!?!

    3rd greatest day of my life was finding that on DVD for under $10!

    I always wondered about that foam stuff - whether you can breathe in it, or whether you have to punch your way out before you suffocate.

    Still, if you come off a bike at 10g... you'll need to use the 3 sea-shells anyway, I reckon ;)
  5. when i read the thread title i swear it was going to be one of ktulu accessories again. :p :p

    go the sumo suit !!!
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  7. Sounds a bit too safe to be one of my ideas...
  8. lol awsome if a bit embarasing.
    Seems like a similar system used to develop wristwatches that infalte in 50ms and become life jackets

    gj daneise
  9. notice the date of the article? Over 6 years ago, so where is the product?