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Motorcycle Hazard Perception Study

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vic, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Please note, a date is yet to be fixed

    Monash University Accident Research Centre will be running the second phase of a Motorcycle Hazard Perception Study, and we are looking for experienced motorcyclists to participate. The study will involve sitting on a motorcycle in the driving simulator and watching a series of everyday riding scenarios and clicking a button each time you perceive something to be hazardous, then answering a few questions about these hazards. Each session will last no more than 2 hours and you will be paid for your participation.

    To be eligible you must:

    * have held a motorcycle licence for at least 5 years (not including
    learner permit)
    * have ridden a total 20,000 km in the past 5 years
    * have held a car licence for at least 5 years (not including
    learner permit)
    * have driver a total of at least 50,000 km in the last 5 years
    * not suffer from severe motion sickness or epilepsy

    Participants will be paid $20 for their time.

    If you are interested in participating, please contact me for more information at: megan.bayly@muarc.monash.edu.au
  2. e-mail sent
  3. Should that read $200?
    $20 is laughable.
  4. Last time was fun. I'm up for it again as long as dates work out. :grin:
  5. LOL as if they are going to pay you $200 for two hours of your time... are you charging specialist rates or something?
  6. Are they going to run one with motorists, to study why they don't keep a lookout for riders?

    They could ask them "a few questions" each time they change lanes without looking, or turn right across the front of an oncoming rider...
  7. Um, they might want your specialist skills for a survey over at the centre for STD's, given the bike you ride :grin:
  8. Funnily enough, last time, I believe the research team conducting the discussion group mentioned that they had run such a study with one of the aims being to compare the results with motorcycle riders.
  9. They did run one a test comparing both motorcyclists and drivers when driving... They presented some results to the last VMAC meeting and motocyclists had significantly better hazard perception times in most cases

    (Surprise! :roll: )
  10. Paging Dr Milgram
  11. I have also registered my interest with Megan. This will be my second trip out for their research.

  12. Anyone else out there interested? They have started sessions as of this week and the more people who participate, the better it (should) be for riders in the future....
  13. Did a session this morning.

    Chatting with Simon afterwards he said motorcycle riders are identifying hazards about 3 seconds before car drivers of similar experience. Car drivers also often failed to pick up the road surface hazards.
  14. Did it last night. They have a NSR125 to sit on and you click a mouse taped to the right bar each time you see something you perceive as a hazard. I'd like to go back once they sort out the graphics and the user interface, talk about a fun game!

    Not a bad thing to do for two hours and hopefully the data is indeed used to aid learner training as Dr Simon told me. I didn't even know about the $20 as I heard about it via Melly who works at MU. Bonus!
  15. There are still some spots available that need to be filled.
    Those with an interest can email Megan directly (email on first page) and coordinate a time slot with her.