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Motorcycle Gymkhana

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kermie, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. How to fix chicken strips 101....

  2. Magnificent skills ! I'm being more impressed with the Japanese's riding skills each time I see vids like this.
    Definitely no chicken strips after a run of this kind :)
  3. man!!! That's just crazy. Can't believe how he/she was throwing the bike around, like it was a bmx or something.
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    Sh1t a brick! I think he's done that once before. There was one I saw of a guy doing similar on a ZX14. Not quite as quick, but just as impressive. I'll have a look...

    Here we go!


    Same colour as mine, but fairing lowers removed and an after-market 4/1 fitted. As a 14 owner - BELIEVE ME - that isn't easy to do. She's not the most natural or wieldy bike at walking pace. I'd love to know what tyres and pressures he's running... I find it interesting, in view of the low speed handling tips given on this site, and echoed by my mate Bernie Hatton, that #6 is just sitting on the bike, body central and not moving much, not leaning in or out, not hanging off... and now that I check - nor is #11.
  5. That first bike looks like it takes some extremely accurate throttle control with a sprocket like that.

    One false slip and you facing the sky or sliding the wrong way.
  6. just shows how bikes can get really low
  7. Perhaps this should be the new mock M.O.S.T @ homebush.
  8. This begs the question. Why don't we do this sport in Australia ? I'd love to do it!
  9. meh didnt even scrape his knee...
  10. Same here. Found this thread while searching for gymkhana in aus.
  11. he sure trusts his tyres

    I'm sure someone posted a thread ages ago of some Japanese guys doing this in unison, amazing stuff....
  12. Good bump - enjoyed watching this again.
    Had a thought too: newbies can learn a great lesson from this guy's helmet movements...
  13. CBR600RR

    Did anyone else notice he had modified bars that sat higher?
  14. Wow, He rides like I do,
    No knee dragging, bum firmly in the one place and sitting up right,
  15. Yes and no. They never get over about 60k, whereas you... :angel: