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Motorcycle GPS

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by olympicwiz, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. Would any of you folks may be interested in syndicating buying these GPS units?


    If we get 3 people interested, the cost delivered could be around $145 in Sydney

    I have read some reviews and they seem to be ok and can use different brands of maps.
  2. If you have iPhone (not sure if on android), you can get TomTom for about $80.

    Works unreal, and all map updates are free from then on in.
    Best thing it means it's on your phone, and not a separate device you have to worry about stashing, hiding, carrying with you when not on your bike or in cage.

    TomTom for iOS highly recommended.
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  3. Cheers for that, I went to a local OfficeWorks to look at TomTom rider (they didn't have any) and the sales guy who also rides, told me that TomTom works like a magic on iPhone. Unfortunately I have a blackberry. Apparently it is possible (I read somewhere) to install TomTom maps on this Rage device and I am doing more research into it.
  4. Google Maps? - Free.
    Been using it for 6 months now and hasnt let me down!

    I also invested in a usb handlebar mount - must have
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  5. A problem I encountered with iPhone nav (Sygic) was that over a long day's ride the charging from accessory socket couldn't keep up with power usage and the phone would eventually go flat. Pity because the mapping was good. Gone for a Strike now, hard-wired.
  6. Whats the usb handlebar mount? Can you post a link?
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  7. strange I power my iPhone with a USB socket. It stays at 100% when riding and I use google maps and the tomtom app.
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    Yeah, could be that your bike/socket setup is delivering more charge? Or possibly (but unlikely) that Tom Tom uses less juice than Sygic?
    I've had the unfortunate situation of leading a group into the back of beyond only to lose GPS and the phone coming toward dark after 7 hours on the road, and riding around in circles trying to find the destination. Crew were not happy.
    So I went for the hard-wired dedicated unit. Having said that, you can get a holder-power feed setup for the phone which would also have done the job.
  9. Something to consider for those who use bluetooth headsets.

    If you are using the intercom to chat to a pillion, the GPS on your phone identifies itself as a music player to the headset. This has a lower "priority" than intercom, so you get no voice guidance. This is the situation I face at the moment.

    For many people a proper stand-alone GPS is the only way to get the result they require. (I'm saving my pennies for the new Garmin unit that has TPMS capability)
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  10. What are your impression of a Strike unit? I see them advertised for $290 and was considering it. But I don't think you can put TomTom maps on it. Do you know what OS it is running please?
  11. It says LH35v2.3 whatever that means, haven't checked or updated maps (Nav-tech) since I bought it yet. Dunno about Tom Tom - it might work but I can't find any info on how to replace the mapping. I'll stick with the OE maps for now as it's been accurate.
    You get what you pay for I guess. I don't think it's not as feature-laden and intuitive as a Garmin Zumo, (I haven't used Tom Tom so I can't compare). The screen is slightly insensitive at times but at least you can use it with gloves on.
    Unit and mount feel pretty solid although I had to modify it to fit my bike.
    Route options are easy enough and can be saved. Speed warnings etc. but no live camera info, no fuel range info. Fairly bright, so good for sunny days.
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    +1 for just using a smartphone with your favourite navigation app.

    I use my iPhone in a ram-mount on the bars connected to USB power, with the GPS running and streaming music via bluetooth all day the battery doesn't budge from 100%

    I use a few apps:

    TomTom because it has a cool routing feature of "use winding roads" great for fiunding cool roads to ride on.

    Sygic because it has a cool route creation feature to make custom routes

    Apple maps because it works with Siri, I can say find nearest petrol station while riding siri googles it for me and then gives me the directions.
  13. Thank you for that review Titus, shame there are no Safety Camera warnings on a Strike unit.
  14. I bought one of those USB handle bar outlets. Can charge my I phone and run my tom tom at the same time. Only $29.95 from MCAS, fitted ti my self in one beer.
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  15. Don't quote me on that, I just haven't found it yet. There seems to be a function for entering camera locations manually, I'm just not sure if you can download that info and install automatically. Maybe someone else knows.
  16. I can only find one Tom tom app in the apple I store, is that the one with the Winding roads feature? or how do I tell If it has the winding road feature as I don't want to spend $80 and not get what I want.
  17. As far as I know, the TomTom app is NOT the same as the software on TomTom rider. Happy to be corrected of course.
  18. There is only one TomTom app in the App store for iOS, and it has winding road routing.

  19. This one, its $74.99: https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/tomtom-australia/id326072238

    Check out the screenshots you can see the winding roads option on one of them.